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Thread: Your most expensive experience?

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    Your most expensive experience?

    What has been your most expensive experience and was it your best one?
    Do you think expensive is always the best?

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    Re: Re: Your most expensive experience?

    Originally posted by Train

    Marriage .

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    most expensive....

    My most expensive.....hard to pinpoint....but the most recent......10 hours last October with Camille from LFMJ...including supper at Chao Phraya.....but a great evening and night spent together....well worth the late 80's......a lot of 12 to 15 hours with escorts......but I wasn't totally sober on those occasions.....some were good some were bad and some were amazing.....


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    In New York about 13 years ago

    I was driving home from Miami to Montreal after shipping my ex-wife home in an airplane after she broke her foot in Disney Land. I took my time and stopped everywhere I could in all the topless bar I could find on my way.

    Naturally I was aiming for New York and the 42nd Street with all the night life and nude stuff. So in New York in my hotel room late that evening and quite drunk I called an agency to have a girl come to my place. The price was 250$ an hour. She stayed the whole night (about 6 hours).

    I never came because I was so drunk and I end up paying 1500$ US!!! 13 years ago that was a lot of money and it took me a while to repay my credit card withour my ex-wife finding out about it.

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    DIVORCE....her lawyer f#cked me for 30 grand a year

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    Shopping as extreme sport!

    One of the most dangerous things you can do (to your credit card) in Montreal is take a stripper from one of the downtown clubs clothes shopping. True it is blast to help her in and out of her clothes in public (this particular stripper thought changing rooms were a bourgeois affectation and refused to use them), but this is definitely an expensive past time. I wasn't so stupid, however, as to allow her to venture into a shoe store!

    Lewlo, I think, can tell you of the dangers of taking an escort perfume shopping...Can you spell "Creed"?


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