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What is "Liberal Service"



I have seen in many of the posts talking about "Liberal services"? What does it mean in case of a sp? What is special with a lady who provides it? Does it mean unprotected sex?


Gentleman Horndog
Jun 11, 2003
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My understanding (and use) of the term ``liberal services`` is that the lady provides DFK, DATY and (not necessarily TC). If her services include TC, I would describe them as ``very liberal``.


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Jun 28, 2003
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What about digits or fingering? Would that be considered liberal service too? Many ladies won't allow you to finger them because they are afraid of bacteria or being scratched or something. Obviously, anyone wants to use his fingers better make sure that they are clean with trimmed nail and bacteria free to protect the ladies too.


Depends on the times....

The common definition of `liberal services` can change from year to year, depending on local circumstances of `the hobby.`

A year or so ago....liberal services were the norm among the high end. In the low end, it was a case of 50-50 and ymmv.

Today....more and more `high ends` considered to offer `liberal` services wouldn`t fit under the past years` definition. Today, a liberal sp could be considered one who does , even though she doesn`t kiss. In the past, was a must, so was dfk. Combine this with daty, and you`d have a `liberal` sp.

Today, prices went slightly up.....but the number of high ends increased dramatically. Good for the ladies and the clients who see strictly `high end` sps, since there will always be a market and availability for low to mid-range girls and agencies. Everyone comes out happy.....