View Poll Results: Has the recent LE activity changed your hobbying?

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  • I am not worried and hobby like normal.

    16 33.33%
  • I only go to indy massage that have massage association certification

    9 18.75%
  • I no longer hobby and have a DIY kit.

    1 2.08%
  • I will wait till all the stink dies down before I hobby.

    22 45.83%
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Thread: Has the recent LE activity changed the way you hobby?

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    Has the recent LE activity changed the way you hobby?

    I have changed my hobbying activities to indies and no salons. What the LE is interested in at this time is trafficked women. You never know what is happening down the hall when you are in a salon, trafficked women, underage or drugs.

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    I only call reputed agencies to my hotel room as outcall... so no it does not touch me at all... so i didn't change anything and won't change anything.
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    I only go to places indy massage places, some are only tug but other places can be as good as the salons. Be safe, why end up on the front page of the of the Journal de Montreal!

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    I don't do massage parlours that much these days so it doesn't affect me that much.
    Plus I like to get the best value for my money so I find one or two ladies who provide me with the most satisfying (to me) experiences and stick with them.
    That's why I don't post that much these days as I only try out new ladies when A) I am between preferred providers; or B ) when I am feeling particularly horny and my prererred lady(ies) are not available.

    And no one wants to read me reviewing the same ladies over and over again.

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    If you quit the hobby than they win. No sir! I will continue the hobby.

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    Never was a big fan of massage salons with big options anyway, too crowded and impersonal, I just stick to my dependable indies or even legit therapeutic places. Sometimes, real massage skills can be more sensual than a mechanical HJ.

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    I wasn't even aware that full service massage parlors even existed. I thought you would only get a handjob. Most of the places I went were like this. I don't go to massage parlors very often and I haven't visited one in a while. I find them a bit too expensive.

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