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    Hey guys,
    what do some service of GFE consiste of is it a standard suck'n'fuck or does it involve (greek etc...). So many acronyms but thre just titles, dont know what some offer.

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    GFE and acronyms

    JM: I know all these acronyms can be puzzling for a beginner. Look at this post for definitions :


    As for what GFE stands for, it`s generally recognized as including the following services: , DKF, DATY and MSOGs (practice yourself using the list of definitions above). But some may have different opinions on that. Do a search, you`ll find many threads dealing with the subject. The consensus is that greek is not on the list.

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    I am me, too!
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    If only I knew...

    Talking Noooo!!!!!

    Please! Not another "GFE definition" thread...

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    Quote Originally Posted by metoo4
    Please! Not another "GFE definition" thread...
    I agree there no need really to continue and that there are numerous existing threads. Those interested in knowing more, do a search as I mentioned in my previous post and add to the existing ones if you want.

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    thanx guys

    Hey Guys,
    Thanx for your help. I know the meaning s of these acronyms but i was just wondering what services were offered in GFE, dont worry there wont be any more posts on acronyms.

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