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Thread: best post-SC food

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    best post-SC food

    where do you go for food after the SC's close at 3 am?

    if I'm downtown on St-Catherine, I usually go to Kojax. I love their spicy minced beef that you can get in one of their plates. good place

    another good one on St-Catherine is that Chinese place that's open till 4am near or at the Guy intersection. excellent General Taos chicken there

    also if I am further east on St Catherine at La Caleche du Sexe, there's a really good pizza joint near there

    If I'm in Laval at Les Deesses, I always go to Arahova's which is a bit further north on Cure Labelle. excellent souvlakis and other Greek stuff there

    one of the disadvantages of going to places like 10-35 or Bar 38 is that they're in the middle of nowhere and you're SOL trying to find anything to eat at 3 am

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    The Mike's restaurant on St. Cath., not far from Crescent is a good place if you want to sit down. I agree that the pizza joints are a good choice too, and you can usually sit there or carry out. Burger King is ok, but usually busy at that time of night (at least the one at St. Cath/St. Laurent interesection). If I'm near China town, I think there are two places that stay open late. Strippers have always recommended Club Sandwich, but it's location in the village is neither convenient or desirable for me! (maybe a hint of homophobia on my part, which the girls don't consider)

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    VIP on Clarke in Chinatown, open everyday untill 3-3:30 AM - Excellent food (a la carte not a buffet), extensive menu, I would recommend to anybody (at any time of the day). I was a little surprised that it was never mentioned in any of the Montreal Restaurant threads. Actual name is La Maison VIP.

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    Kojax or Dunn's. Depends what I feel like eating and how much money I have left

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    We usually grab 2 large pizzas from Angela's on De Maisonneuve West... Hits the spot.
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    For those who go to the Modernic, in Laval, there is the Place Golden restaurant (199 Concorde Blvd. E). After 3h00 am, you can meet there some dancers from the clubs around (Champion, Lavallois, Modernic).

    The food? Well...what do you expect at the wee hours!!!!
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    Hehe since I seem to be almost always pereptually low on money (hmm must remember to take less dances, yea like that is going to happen ) my post-SC meal of choice is usually Labelle Province if I can find one that is open or whatever I can scrounge out of my fridge..
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