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Thread: Wrestling Dream Matches

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    Wrestling Dream Matches

    What's up Wrestling Fans,

    Have you ever wanted to see any "dream matches" between past and present superstars???

    Here are some of my "dream matches":

    Brock Lesnar vs. Ultimate Warrior (when he was in his prime... right after he beat Hogan for the title at WM VI)

    Goldberg vs Ultimate Warrior (again, when he was in his prime)

    Kurt Angle (when he was in his prime) vs. Bret Hart

    THE ROCK vs SHAWN MICHAELS (in his prime, when he was with DX)


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    Thumbs down inter/intra era dream matches

    1- Goldberg vs Dino Bravo

    2- Stone Cold vs Goldberg

    3- Steamboat vs Mysterio

    4-Steamboat vs RVD

    5- Bret H vs Shaun M, "The Rematch"

    6- Hulk Hogan vs André the Giant, "The 'Other' Rematch"

    7- André the G vs Big Show

    8- André the G vs Diesel

    9- Sid Vicious vs Bam Bam Bigelow

    10- Dino Bravo vs U Warrior

    11- The Rock vs Macho Man

    12- RVD vs Macho Man

    13- Steamboat vs Guerrero

    14- C. Angle vs Bret Hart

    15- Cris Benoît vs Bret Hart

    16- Carpentier vs Mysterio

    17- Undertaker vs Kane

    18- Bam Bam Bigelow vs Mad Dog vachon

    19- Fetish match: Christian vs Honkey Tonk Man


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    hahahaahah.... DINO BRAVO

    That guy was the man

    Especially when he dyed his hair blonde and turned heel.


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    A Dino Bravo Story

    I actually read a story not too long ago regarding Dino Bravo.

    There was a match scheduled between him and Hulk Hogan in 1989 at the old Forum in Montreal.

    Hogan was scheduled to win the match. Throughout the afternoon there was a huge crowd outside the forum, all cheering for Dino and booing Hogan.

    The event started, and the Forum was filled with a pro Dino Bravo crowd. They ended up cancelling the match, because everybody was booing Hogan and they didn't want that to hurt his image.


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