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Thread: Wwe Raw Tickets

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    Wwe Raw Tickets


    After watching Raw last night, I just have to go next week when Raw will be at the Bell Centre.

    Does anybody have any extra tickets they wanna get rid of? I checked on and the seats available are shit.

    Are there scalpers outside the building before the event? If so, do you guys know what price range they sell tickets at?

    Thanks for your help


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    Yes, there are always scalpers around the Bell Centre, like any other event, wait until close to when the show starts, then scalpers will deal the tickets they might still be still holding, usually at less than cost. Dont buy from the first scalper you bump into, check to see what the other scalpers have then wait until around 7 (or whenever it starts). I have been able to get reds for Habs games for less than cost if I was willing to miss part of the first period.

    You might also want to check again closer to the event date, probably the day of the event, they sometimes hold back tickets, then release them on the day of the event.
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    Thanks for the info.


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