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Thread: Saskatoon?

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    Unhappy Saskatoon?

    There's a pretty good chance I'll be stuck in Saskatoon this fall for a few months. There's a pretty good likelyhood that I'll go crazy during this time if I'm not relieved (so to speak). I'm wondering if any of the regulars here can suggest agencies and/or ladies able to maintain my sanity. Saskatoon is hardly a sanuking destination, but it would be advantageous to explore given my situation. Thanks!

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    Unhappy Sas'quatch'toon

    You poor Bastard!

    Sounds like the kind of place you need a snowmobile to get too, and have to barricade your doors at night so the Polar Bears won't break in. Maybe you could get a "monthly" rate from your favorite Sp here in Montreal and take her with you. Otherwise my advice is bring some good porn, moisturizer, and a big box of tissues. Just keep saying to yourself, "Its only a couple months, its only a couple months..."

    Sorry Dude

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    Just look at the board and you will find alot of Indy and Agency for the Saskatoon area.

    Good luck.


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