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    Opera browser

    Does anyone use the opera web browser? It is an ad supported browser unless you register it. For their 10th anniversary they are giving out free registration so I installed it and I am trying it out. Small download, 3.66MB. Seems to work fine so far. Before anyone suggests I'm not shilling for Opera. It seems to have low system overhead and that may help people with slower systems. Here's the link

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    I'm having a blast with this thing. I've never really used any of the recent netscape versions so I don't know how much of this is in other browsers, but I love the tabbed browser windows. Maybe I've been using ie too long
    SA, what version did you try and what problems did you have?

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    Mozilla Firefox is free with no registration, IIRC. It has tabs as well. It also does a pretty good job at blocking pop-ups.

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    I'd go with "james" on this one, Mozilla is the way to go for me too!

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    Have been using Mozilla for the last few problem so far!!
    Highly compatible.

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