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Thread: Condom Broke. Help !

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    Unhappy Condom Broke. Help !

    3 weeks ago i had sex with an escort from a well known agency. Condom broke. I was inside of her for maybe less than a second or so because i realised very fast that the condom broke. We then put another rubber and finished.

    I asked her about her sexual health and she told me that she had nothing since she get tested often. The problem is that i have symptoms.

    I will get tested soon for STD. But i'm am extremely anxious about some diseases i might have caught.

    What are my chances of getting HIV in a 1 second or less unprotected intercourse .... any ideas ?

    Thank you !

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    What symptoms do you have?

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    I feel like a constant pressure on my testicules.

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    That sounds more like blue balls than any STD symptom. Maybe you are just stressed out and looking for something that is not there.

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    Maybe ! I hope so....

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    Your chance of getting HIV grows with the time you are in intercourse. So for 1 sec, I'd say that your chances are pretty slim. Even less possible, since you were "partially covered" (not knowing which part of it broke). To get HIV, there must be an exchange of body fluids with your partner.

    For other STD, this may be different. You are wise to be responbile and to be tested.

    Everyone should wash there private parts, whenever they experience a breakage, before moving on with condom replacement. You never know.
    Holy shit! Let's see if you bastards can do ninety!

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    Happy, you have come to the right place for medical advice. I have had this happen too. I have heard that Aids transmission is very rare through heterosexual penis/vaginal sex. But still, for peace of mind it is a good time to get tested.

    And yes, do ask the Booker. This is another excellent source of medical advice. If the you explain to the booker what happened and ask "does this girl get regular check-ups?" If the booker answers "yeah, I think so" than your probably good. No further action is required

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mizo1951 View Post
    Whenever this kind of things happen, you should go to st Luc hospital, they will give you a 1 month HIV treatment and get you tested.
    Now after three weeks, not much to do if you already got the virus, the sooner you start the treatment the better your prognosis would be.
    For sure I am saying this if you got HIV. Usually all it takes is 1 second to get the virus transmitted.
    When you pulled out, did you wash the used a new condom? Did you have any open wound or scar?

    Usually HIV starts with no symptoms, for months and years sometimes. So pressure on your balls is not related to HIV.
    By just posting on merb there is absolutely no chance to give you a diagnosis.. The sooner you get tested the better.. I think it's better also to check with the booker, just get informed if the girls regularly get checked?!
    That is way overboard. Viral transmissions, which include HIV have to be absorbed into the bloodstream which literally takes hours unless there is an open cut. Every heterosexual STD transmission to a guy involves vaginal fluid or blood being on the penis for hours without being washed off. Straight guys get things by rolling over after sex and going to sleep after unprotected sex. Gay guys who are the recipients of unprotected anal sex get STDs because the sperm has time to be absorbed into the bloodstream through the anus, which is often torn during sex. The original poster has nothing to worry about. Quit scaring him.

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    Why did it break? do you know? I have never had that happen

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    The thinner latex condoms, when put on larger penises, and when used in a rough manner, can break. Polyurethane condoms conduct heat better but lack the elastic quality of latex, and therefore break more easily, even the regular ones. You have to understand the science of condoms, otherwise you should not put one on your dick. It is really basic chemistry and physics, there is friction and mass and compounds and materials of the condom and all of these elements factor into a breakage. It is no different than studying what causes a tire to fail.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mizo1951 View Post
    lol from your reply I understand that you don't use condoms and just wash after an encounter with a hooker? Yeah buddy, you have nothing to worry about.. Your man patron said it all!
    Oh and patron, please read well my reply to the poster before making your own judgments..
    I always wear condoms but your reply was nonsense. With no open and bleeding cut, the clinical research shows that it takes hours for a virus to enter the bloodstream through the penis. It takes longer with respect to a circumcised penis, but still a long time for an uncircumcised one. Entire medical studies have been done on this, including an entire book called The Myth of Heterosexual AIDS. There are side effects of unnecessary and unneeded HIV treatment and no doctor would ever recommend it for a guy having sex with a woman who experienced a broken condom with proper hygiene afterward. The treatment you suggested would be for someone who was the recipient of unprotected anal sex.

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    Hi all
    The best advice is to get tested as quick as possible ! You must insure yourself that you are clean !
    I was a booker myself and went trough those panicking moments with many different SP's over the years !
    I have accompanied certain of them to the medical clinic others directly to the hospital to reduce their stress level and to show them that I cared but lets all admit that escort booker is powerless to provide proper medical diagnostic even for the one that cares .
    Even if the SP responded that she was tested escort agencies cannot force there girls to be tested each and everyone of them are responsible of their own health and personal hygiene .
    Booking a escort and having intercourse with them carry a high level of risk that we try to minimize by not having BBBFS!
    When a condom breaks !!!! Doctors and qualified medical personnel are your only source of advice .
    For the sake of your health and life act now
    Best regards
    And good luck

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    It just happened to me... Condom broke during vaginal sex but we both never realized until I cummed. As soon as I got home I had a good piss and washed my dick with anti-bacterial soap 3x. Tomorrow morning I'm gonna call either Clinique A or l'Actuel to get tested asap. I regularly get tested and never had unprotected sex since the last one I had so I'm not really worried about me being infected and transmitting any STDs but still, when these type of things happen I make all kind of scenarios in my head. As for the SP she wasn't stressed at all and told me she's clean and gets tested often... didn't even ask me to go see a doctor. I texted her afterwards to tell her to go ge tested for my peace of mind, I'll see if she does it. I know that she's been very active in the industry since the least 2 or 3 years so this is why I'm a little bit worried, even if the risks of cathcing a STD are low from what I understand. As per this link, chances are 5 out of 10,000.

    The bottom line is that i'm not having and kind of sex with any girl for the next three months since the tests can't be fully trusted in the first 3 months after the incident. My partners will be youporn and my right hand lol

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    Quote Originally Posted by EagerBeaver View Post
    The thinner latex condoms, when put on larger penises, and when used in a rough manner, can break.
    That's exactly my situation, I'm fairly large and and it was a thin latex condom. I don't think I was rough but was going at a good pace... I know that many SPs absolutely want to use their own condoms, while some guys after an incident like mine will only use theirs... To be discussed!

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    get tested. But usually multiple intercourses are required to transmit an infection. One intercourse with 1 second of open penis is quite unlikely to result in HIV. If it does, you should blame your luck more than anything else. We all are going to die anyway. Take care.

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