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Thread: Will you do a incall/outcall if your odds are at 50-50 of getting a cutie or ugly SP

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    Will you do a incall/outcall if your odds are at 50-50 of getting a cutie or ugly SP

    Speaking about the 50 % chances of getting a ugly one are certainly very High one of two ,It Is not the type of odds considered to be excellent even if the oner recommends a better one at no cost!If the other also does meet the needs
    You still have your transportation fees ?
    Most of experience hobbyist takes time to read reviews of the SP look at pics search TinEye or Google image or sometimes even question other members of the board?
    When we weigh the difference's in damages is it
    Really Worth it ?
    We all have our opinions?
    For me odds of 50-50 is not a option to consider !
    But its a reality in business they are customers for a Timex watch and another for Rolex they both provide the time !
    But the last is about prestige and experience !
    The analogies applies to escorts?
    To each is own!
    With respect for everyone's choice's
    What is your choice ?
    Good day all

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    Personally i come from a different town, i pay 75$ of bus and 100$ of hotel to come see an SP, so my choice is a calculated one. I always try to ensure ill get the lady i want the most, but we all know sometimes the girl can be sick or whatever and cancel, so i have always 2-3 very good plan B that could even be plan A- if i can say... Thanksfully to me GG and the GTs made it easier for me the latest years, since i see the girls total look(face) and i know im sure to receive great customer service there...(easy booking, girls on time and such) I also was able to be on the inside of WT too so i know a couple girls from there and all so my options for plan B are always good. But of course i always make sure that both my plan a+, a-, b etc are girls i read reviews, i am sure to like the look and such. I avoid any backpage ads or stuff like that.

    Look wise i have been very rarely disapointed, couple times in my first years but even there the girls where hot, sometimes i just imagined them hotter by the pics, but thats all lol
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