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Thread: Pickup line thread

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    Pickup line thread

    I have been on tindr lately and working with some lines to hit on girls. It'd be fun to know what lines you guys use.

    These are the ones I have used with decent response rate. The responses are not always positive but whatever. It at least gets some response.

    You look like garbage..let me take you out
    I dont wanna brag or anything but I am batman just sayin
    You must have a really cute mom

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    I use this one: "Hi!" Or maybe I tell her that I think she's a very beautiful woman. I've never been one for canned lines. I would feel like an idiot saying something like that.

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    Hi doesnt get any responses online. same with generic compliments girl has responded to me when i use those

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    Ah! Online! Well, that's where this luddite runs into a wall. Just about anything works in real life, tho...

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    I used to use this one on coke whores. i would say "Excuse me. Got a razer?"

    The girls would say "Do you have coke."

    I was never a druggie but I would respond "no but some should be here any moment....can I buy you a drink?"

    Once my buddy and I were able to lure two young milfs on a night out at the bar back to his fishing boat where we only had beer and weed. On the way there the girls both gave me DFK and said "We have plenty of pussy but do you have coke?"

    We were able to play this game for about an hour when the coke didn't come the two coke whore stomped off indignant about how they hated liers.

    My parting shot was "So you will prostitute your body for drugs but i'm immoral because I lied about the coke?"

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    Look behind you.
    Here is a line not to use unless they are annoying you..... Can I buy you a drink or would you prefer cash?
    One that gets conversations going............. I have a 6 inch tongue and can breath through my ears.
    My personal favorite..... Hi, may I join you for a drink.

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    Do you fancy going halfs on a bastard.
    Let me get up in them guts.
    Or in real life
    I've just seen the hottest girl ever. Can you move aside you are blocking my view.

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    Quote Originally Posted by wasisname View Post
    Do you fancy going halfs on a bastard.
    We have a winner!

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