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Thread: Documentary on Eastern European sex slaves

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    Documentary on Eastern European sex slaves

    Tonight on CBC, at 8 o'clock, there is a documentary on the sex slave situation in eastern Europe. It's supposed to be a very hard hitting doc and pulls no punches. Should be must watch viewing.

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    Question CBC=Canadian Broadcasting Corporation?

    Hey Tech,

    Any other networks carry this? I don't get CBC, guess its the price I pay for getting HBO here in the States. I would like to see it.

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    Don't know if any other network carried it. It was very interesting, they even had a small segment on Eastern European girls brought to Canada and forced to work as dancers, as they had signed contracts in english which they were unable to understand. It focused mostly on one man's search to find his wife who had been forced to work as a prostitute in Turkey. Many interviews with women who had gone through the experience including one who intended to return to the life in Turkey because she had found herself in extreme debt due to family medical problems.

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    I watched it and found it quite depressing, but enjoyed it very much. I've actually copied it on dvd and will distribute it to a few friends of mine who might enjoy this. This kind of stuff is going on in our own backyards and most of us don't even realize this. Okay, not yet in Mtl...and maybe never. But it is happening routinely in places like Toronto.

    I noticed one girl being interviewed in Toronto using the name 'Eva'. I wonder if its the famous 'Eva/Sherry' that so many have raved about and who is now out of the biz?

    I enjoyed hearing Victor Malarek's insights of the sex slave trade. Kind of makes all of us feel a bit guilty, to be honest. Well, a friend of mine once met Malarek regarding this stuff. He was very concerned about one of the sex slaves that he had met while on many of his trips to Toronto and wanted to help her out. He came away quite impressed with Malarek's knowledge. His book on the subject is an international best-seller (The Natachas).

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