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Thread: Gfe 2014 !?

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    Gfe 2014 !?

    When are we doing the GFE 2014 thread? I usually follow those to the dot when I see SPs

    Btw, I think it's far better to do quarterly polls at opposed to yearly. The landscape in this industry changes far too fast for a yearly poll.

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    Yeah its usually start later, and the way its done as yearly i think is enough, who want to vote every 3 months? Not only that but the title is more prestigious if i can say. Personally this year i won't be able to vote due to something i can't explain, but i think the poll is a great idea and the GFE of the year is really a "prestigious title" even tough it may sound silly for some, the proof is that agencies usually list it if they won either gfe of the year for a certain girl or the agency of the year. I think the pre-poll is to sort out the runner up, and the definitive poll can list i think up to the 10 most popular girls.
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