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Thread: Psycho Reviews for a Purpose or just PSYCHO Reviewers?

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    Psycho Reviews for a Purpose or just PSYCHO Reviewers?

    There are a few posters lately who have made reviews that they (and their supporters) just want to call it being honest but it really in theory borderlines on Psycho Misogynistic Behavior. Also a few seem to target one or two agencies or Indy's and go off on the poor girl like they have an axe to grind with said agency or Indy, another trait of some scary stuff going on in ones mind. It is bothersome to see what some of the ladies have to face with guy's like this running around acting like a tough guy when in fact they are likely the biggest pussy in real life. A "tough" guy does not act like a savage animal to women whether in person nor in words written on here, but a POS does.

    It has been going on for years with a few "tough guys" here and even when they seem to have quieted down there is always another to take their place as the resident Psycho who should be in a straitjacket instead of calling escorts.

    So the question is, are there ulterior motive's to targeting certain agencies (which maybe the reviewer hates for various reasons) and their girls as a way to "hurt" the girls reputation and in turn try to sway others away from doing business with them and or the same with certain Indy's who these reviewers might have that axe to grind with? Kind of the same as a shill review only in these cases it is a negative yet still a shill review?

    It seems that some of these reviews lately of girls that have perfect to almost perfect reveiws then all the sudden get nasty and degrading ones by a certain few on here, then get more great reviews from others that follow which really isolates the one bad are simply aimed to tarnish the agency or Indy that they have problems with be it out of spite or just plain jealousy?

    Freedom of speech I get but to do it to purposely hurt someone is sick, psycho and scary (that people are like that in their heads) Stay safe Ladies and screen screen screen!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Mizo1951 View Post
    I know exactly what you mean.
    I read the review and I was shocked!
    yes some incall rooms are better than another..
    Yes the floor may be wet, stains here or there, but there is no reason why one would put so much hate on the girl as if she forced him to stay!
    If you don't like what you see, just walk away instead of bitching about your experience!

    Good words Igna!!

    I hate complainers, some people just don't know how lucky they have it, I feel sorry for these girls who have to put up with these arrogant POS who should not be seeing escorts in the first place.

    Good post Mizo1951.
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    Good thread my friend,

    My position in writing rev is that there is way to talk about all situations that could happen without being rude or rough. But anyway it is so easy to see when a guy is frustrated. That it is up to everyone jugement to discern the real thing.

    We should not be too much concern about the "Psycho-rev" and for the ladies who read or hear about those comments, well: Mesdemoiselles si ce n'est pas constructif vous n'en avez rien à foutre loll.

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    In that business, though skin is mandatory, agency or not.
    I've read the review you are ''refering'' too and was also shocked.
    Bashing the appartment is IMO, totally okay.
    But HARSH comment on the girl, are simply mean... Some words should not be used, people tend to forget that we are human and we do have feelings. Never forget that girls are also reading the reviews, we are always trying to improved our services. Innovation, seduction, apparence and of course experience... But when we read such words like cheap, fake, superficial, fat, ugly, overprice, whore, it's always a shock, especially when the encounter was great/okay and that we did everything to please you.... I get the point of bad review, but it's easy to avoid harsh vocabulary, you can't justify a mean comment with a IMO...

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    Seems like bullying to me... I hate bullies with a fucking passion... May I cross paths with this "tough guy" in the near future... Party invitation anyone??
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    I agree with Mizo, Delta and Amanda that there are ways to say things negative in reviews that do not make you look like you belong in a prison lineup or like you live in a jungle with the rest of the animals.

    And Maxxx, there is NO NEED for those kind of people at any party I have a say in and those are the reasons we screen for the ladies safety and why many others do not like the public gt's any longer and I can't say I really blame them even tho the troublemakers are usually on their best behavior at them. If they act this way towards the SP's (hateful and vindictive) then what info are they tryng to gather and use against you in the future.

    And you are right, it is bullying and disgusting.
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    I agree there is no reason to be harsh while being honest. I also think it goes the other way when some one does a good review 2 or 3of the same posters chime in with how she is the best escort ever after every review.

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    This thread reminds me of conversations I have had over the years with SPs, particularly in Toronto, about what's written about them by some reviewers on the boards.

    These conversations often started with the girls wondering on what basis I decided to see them, and if reviews had any role in it. And they usually proceeded to ask me what I thought of the reviews I had read. My answer has always been that I take reviews with a grain of salt, and some more so than others.

    The girls who follow the boards have a pretty good idea of who are the reviewers are based on the comments written about them, and the guys who have a tendency of writing negative reviews are easy to spot according to them: as soon as the door opens, they see those guys starting to make mental lists, looking at every detail, asking all sorts of questions about specific services, and so on, before anything happens. And then the guys are standing there, almost expecting that by magic the session is going to turn into an amazing experience, as if the girls can make this happen all on their own.

    So, you won't be surprised if I tell you that these girls don't hold these types of clients in much esteem, especially when they're being portrayed negatively as a result in a review.

    That being said, negative experiences can happen; I have had a few (not here) and I posted them on the relevant boards. There's a way to write about those experiences constructively without bashing the girl unnecessarily, or without using derogatory language.

    Clients may be paying for a service, but it doesn't absolve them from doing their homework beforehand, do all they can to make sure the girl they're about to see is really a good fit for them, putting some energy into the experience, being willing to go with the flow of an encounter, and adapt even though things might not exactly as they wanted. And if all else fails, to walk out and compensate the lady for the time already spent.

    So when I read a self-satisfied review which blasts everything about a girl and the encounter, it tells me more about the reviewer than anything else.

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    Quote Originally Posted by OhYesOui View Post
    If all the members that posted in this thread would be real men / women and had balls you could actually post in the threads you are referring to instead of starting a new thread in the lounge and implying certain members in innuendo.
    You should know that posting in the girl's thread about subject covered here would be out of topic since its not a girl's review anymore.

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    Okay, so the review was about a G4U lady. Why not just point it out. I guessed which agency the complaint was about by the thread starter. Honestly, is Iggy going to call everyone who doesn't enjoy a G4U girl a misogynistic psycho? This isn't the first time he's done it. Talk about incredible overkill from the most biased self-interested source possible who is not an owner. Really, chill out on the impulsive hit man routine.

    Beyond that, I read this review and the first thing that struck me about the bathroom description was a freaky obsession with negative detail I wouldn't worry much about in a hundred years. Was the room gone over with a magnifying glass or something? Geeezzzuzzzz!!! Yes, I would be put off by a place that was a pig pen, but my immediate impression is the guy was looking for things to complain about from the start.

    Considering the main action description, she sounds a lot like my type. Thanks for that part of the review. I'd put lady under the heading: let's look into her reviews even more. But if she isn't someone's style it doesn't make him misogynistic to say so. It's his opinion. He may be someone who is very picky as someone said, but so what. We are paying a good amount of $$$. He's right. He is allowed his standards...IF...they are realistic and not tainted with a compulsion for negativity and complaining.

    As for the purpose of this thread, it's a good idea to remind people to be fair but not dirty. The last part of the review in question was definitely cheap, crude, and totally unnecessary. If you feel the lady didn't meet your expectations or her performance required a negative recommendation you are entitled. But there's no reason to be rotten or mean about it. You don't just trash someone as a person if she isn't your type. I didn't see anything the lady actually did to justify any of that crap. Putting it in is being filthy, ironically. Hell...I'd ban you myself if you got so low down filthy like that. Really guy, get some class. The way you wrote it comes off as if you were looking for an issue.

    Still, "Misogynistic Psycho"? Complaining...bitching...looking for problems...crude and insulting...yes. Over-eager self-interested thread starter...DEFINITELY.



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    Some of you guys that think you deserve certain services and require the SP to look, and MORE IMPORTANTLY "act" (think about it) a certain way from someone that is giving of herself to you (for $ or not, does not make it right) are further out in left field as the saying goes than you could possibly imagine. With those attitudes you come across with as having, the SP's should slam the door in your face and tell you to GTFO.

    Paying good hard earned money DOES NOT excuse you from being a gentleman to someone that is freely giving of herself to you for an hour or more of her time. No wonder harper and mckay feel the way they do, it is because of a FEW (or many) like you that allow them to feel like this. Congrats to adding to the problem.

    ps. thanks guys, you were right, i knew IT could not stay out of this thread....LOL....see you next weekend for the beer i owe you! ROFL!
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    Lol, the biggest freak is the person who started this thread, so much sophistication for something so insignificant. The girl might quit tomorrow and you twist and bend ideas like a scholar with so called proof and facts. Giving so much thought to something so volatile is not worth it, girls come and go, take and leave what you want from the review and move on.

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    Quote Originally Posted by clark_larson View Post
    ...., so much sophistication for something so insignificant.
    You want to ignore the opinion of everybody who contributed to this thread? Fine.

    You should however re-read Amanda's comments about the impact of such reviews. If after that, you still think that trashing a girl with harsh and crude comments is appropriate, then it says a whole lot about you.

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    I have not seen the original review in question so I can't comment.

    However when I look back on the girls I've seen and the reviews in question there has always been something that should have been said that wasn't in the reviews. With one exception, my 1 so far expereince in Merbland.
    I never bothered posting a review in the non merb cases because in none of the cases was it enough for me to be turned off or away but it did bother me that not a single person mentioned anything and well, how do you say something negitive without the risk of having the girl figuring out who you are if you want to repeat. Awkward. Also nobody else could be bothered and some cases these girls are heavily reviewed so fuck em. [Fellow johns that is].
    Well there is one exception, a no show, just stated the facts. When someone tells you half an hour before your meeting that they are good to go and then never respond to you again, it is time to say something.

    Then I see in merb that apperently there is only one hot chick so you should just shut up and accept any deceptive advertising there is because well other people find it hot so STFU. Which to me is both a rotten attitude to take [I'm alright jack and you can sod off type attitude] and disturbing degree of the unacceptable on an escort review board. There is one board where you are not allowed to say anything negitive about a girl. That is also a sad situation.

    Not saying the review writer in question was a twatmonkey or not, I didn't see it. However I do have to wonder how much of it is a psycho review and how much of it is white knightism. Both can cripple a review board.

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    Quote Originally Posted by wasisname View Post

    Not saying the review writer in question was a twatmonkey or not, I didn't see it. However I do have to wonder how much of it is a psycho review and how much of it is white knightism. Both can cripple a review board.
    I could not agree more both are bad. There do seem to be many more white nights at this time.

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