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Thread: Do you make an effort to look your best when seeing an sp? Personal attire important?

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    Do you make an effort to look your best when seeing an sp? Personal attire important?

    When i first started seeing sps, i went out of my way to look my best for an encounter. I treated every encounter as a 'date', just like i'd be going out with someone on a real date. I even once purchased a suit in order to see a long-anticipated high-end sp. I don't think i ever wore that suit again!

    A few years later, i met a fellow john for a drink at the hotel i was staying at about an hour before an sp was supposed to show up to see me. After showering & dressing up, i met him at the lobby bar & the first thing he told me when he saw me was "do you always dress up when you see an escort?"

    I told him that i did, and put a lot of importance in my personal appearance & so far my routine had never failed me since 99% of my encounters had always been very good to great. I asked him how he dressed when he saw someone, and he pointed to his jeans and t-shirt and said "just like you see now."

    I then began to stop over-dressing. Thinking about it, i was probably better dressed than half the ladies i'd see at the time. So i began to wear jeans and a shirt for some of my encounters. Now i often wear polo or golf shirts. If it's very warm outside, i may wear shorts.

    In other words, i still make an effort to look as good as i can, but won't over dress. I figure that if i want an sp to look her best, that i should also make an effort.

    What are your thoughts about this? Do you put emphasis on your own personal attire prior to seeing an sp?

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    Being a non-business man I dress casual at best. Summertime shorts, shirt and sandals and winter jeans and a shirt.

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    In real life im a very casual person, i don't shave my face, i dress in tshirts and cargo pants, i don't wear parfum obviously and such.

    When i see an SP, if its a pre-set date, like i know im going for that and all, i usually shave my face, like not everything but trim to look presentable. Someimes i just put "2" on the clipper and cut the beard, sometimes i go full way and make a "douchebag" type of beard lol, its really how i feel about it, the time i have and so on... Also i had meeting where i put "gel" in my hair, others where i didn't, again depend on the mood, what i will do after and such.

    Lately i started using parfum.. got it as a gift and since i NEVER use it in my peronal life, i use it for that... or parties or whatever that are uncommon.

    But one thing that remain is the tshirt and pants, mostly because thats all i have... i don't have suits, i don't have golf shirt, all i have is tshirt and hoodies... from video games to metal band to some personal stuff i like , like reaper shirts and so on...

    One thing i realized over th years is that it does not matter much how your dress for a one hour meetig in small downtown room... as long as you welcome her with a smile, that you genuily look happy to see her and are a friendly person it should be alright.

    SPs in general cares about 3 things

    1) The donation of course
    2) That your clean
    3) That your friendly or at least not a mean jerk

    If you manage to have those 3 things, your good.... no matter how your dress, how your room is or whatever...
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    Usually I shower and shave before a meeting with an SP, they appreciate this little attention. I wear a nice jean and a polo shirt.

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    Hygene is very important so i always shower before.
    I always wear clean clothes also. So that they smell nice.
    But i wear relaxed clothing like jeans and a nice t-shirt. Sometimes shorts in the summer.

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    I usualy hobby during lunch break, so im always well dressed for office work.

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    Lily from Montreal
    I have a weakness for men in suit,somehow for me it the man equivalent of the garther belt loll but only if it is really your look,not a costume, jeans are nice but as long as you are clean it does not really matter because we will be naked in (very) soon...

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    Hygiene is very important. As far as dressing up, not so important. Business casual is what I typically go for.

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    At first I would dress business casual (dockers and button down shirt). But one of the SPs I used to see frequently would come in these gorgeous designer gowns, and I felt that we were miss matched, so I would go for a suit and sometimes a tie.

    What I do now is come prepared with several options, and greet the SP dressed semi casual (jeans and polo shirt or button down shirt, but not t-shirt). When its time to go out for food, I will change into what I feel is appropriate based on what she is wearing. Nowadays if I do wear a tie its for the purpose of being prop/tool when making out or the main event.

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    Clean yes. Dress up no.

    I hate dressing up with the firery passions of a 1000 suns.

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    Dress is not an issue. I work in a business environment so I am in a suit every day, shirt and tie is the norm. I do however ensure that the day I will be seeing an SP I trim my nails and file them smooth and that I shave as close as possible. As I see the SP at an incall location most of the time I prefer that she is dressed when I arrive. As Lily said, we will not be dressed for long but it is nice to start off that way.I have on occasion been on a day off when going to see my favorite and was wearing jeans and a polo. She was a little surprised when I walked in and I sensed a little disappointed that I was not in a suit she was even more surprised when I removed my jeans to go shower and was wearing only the jeans. Ever since I was a young kid I hate wearing underwear with jeans, dumb I guess but that is one of my quirks.
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    Sure, but mainly it is about being sqeaky clean.

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    a few days before, i will do cut nales. i rarly do this on the day of meeting since it can cut wen using fingers.

    the day before meeting, i shave jr. and on the day of the meeting, i shave face and shave jr again, shower of course, mouthwash, and wear clean clothes. i dress very casually so i dont realy dress up i just dress normal.

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    Since this is supposed to be about how to dress for a meeting with an escort, I'll bring it back to that. I'm going to make this about my specific problem. Since I live and work in the NYC metropolitan area, and most escorts seem to be based in midtown, and if they're in midtown, that means that they're in 4-star hotels, how am I supposed to dress in order to meet them?? Do I have to dress up? Actually, I'm going to answer my own question here. All of those hotels are tourist hotels & tourists dress any old way they want. I used to obsess with how to dress, but it really doesn't make a difference. Just don't be a slob & you're gold...

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    I make sure I'm clean and well-groomed, sometimes in business attire, but I don't feel I should need to look like a GQ cover model for a paid encounter.

    That said, if I'm not particularly happy with my appearance on a given day (bad hair day, missed shaving, lack of sleep, etc), I will tend to not hobby.

    Everything in context, for me. Casual dress and light stubble can be a good look. Wrinkled dress shirt (sitting at the office all day) and unshaven, often isn't. The main thing is to appear comfortable/confident in whatever look you choose.

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