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Thread: Festivus pole. Where can I get one.

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    Festivus pole. Where can I get one.

    I know you can order an actual labeled festivus pole online but they seem kinda expensive for what is simply an unadorned aluminum pole.

    It doesn't have to be 6 feet. It could be 6 inches for all I care. As long as it is aluminum, unpainted and in pole form. I'll take a Charlie Brown style aluminum pole.

    Actually smaller would be better as cheaper and much easier to jury rig a stand for it.

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    Try Home Depot, Reno-Depot, or Rona. Two inch or inch and a half aluminum electrical conduit comes in 10' lengths. You will be the envy of the neighborhood!!

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    I just picked up a rod at Cdn Tire. 3 feet, fairly thin but good enough.

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