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Thread: Bernard Drainville New Charter 2.0

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    Bernard Drainville New Charter 2.0

    Okay so I just heard this on the radio about Bernard Drainville, one of the PQ leader hopefuls, talking about how his new charter clearly has support which he was saying he could see from all the people who supported the Charlie Hebdo protests in Montreal. Because these people oppose terrorism there is clearly also support for his charter........

    Is it just me or is this guy the lowest form of opportunistic scum there is or is this just normal politician. For me personally the charter just seemed a political xenophobic insultingly racist tool used to try and win an election. But this is too much. Using an issue that is clearly raw and easy to polarize people on to tie into your ignorant bill is so disgusting I'm beyond myself.

    Can someone please give me a coherent reason why we need this charter at all and why this guy isn't just dirt. Also I should mention in version two of his charter there is a grandfather clause where if you currently work in the public sector you can keep your religious symbols but all new employees would not be allowed. Could this thing get any more ridiculous? How much more of the PQ making us global pariahs will we have to endure.

    Keep in mind, without Rob Ford there is a void for the most ridiculous political figure in Canada and this guy Drainville is driving hard to the basket.

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    If you believe the most recent polls, Bernard Drainville's new charter proposal is relevant because his leadership PQ bid is dead in the water:

    Poll: Pierre Karl Péladeau is PQ front-runner by far

    Péladeau-led PQ would beat Couillard's Liberals in an election: poll

    What is most surprising is that the polls would seem to indicate that even left-leaning Péquistes would support the right-wing captitalistic anti-labor PKP if it will bring Québec closer to independence :

    Only a few weeks ago, it seemed unlikely that the multimillionaire would win the backing of social democratic Péquistes with an aversion to his free-market, anti-union credentials. Now, it appears possible that many who oppose him ideologically may move onside for the greater goal of fighting for a separate Quebec.
    Personally, I don't believe it. If Pierre Karl (`Je veux un pays`) Péladeau wins the PQ leadership, I believe progressive left-wing people in Québec will be more likely to support Québec Solidaire than to hold their noses and vote for PKP.

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    I say keep the guy around, he is killing the PQ for us. Let PKP and Drainville slaughter each other.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Eye in the Sky View Post
    I say keep the guy around, he is killing the PQ for us. Let PKP and Drainville slaughter each other.
    Lol thanks for that glass half full perspective

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