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Thread: What NFL week 7 already? I'm on it.

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    What NFL week 7 already? I'm on it.

    My picks this week.

    Green Bay over Minnesota
    Buffalo over Oakland
    Atlanta over the Jets(as long as Vick plays)
    Indy over Houston (surprise)

    Notes: Current reports say Randy Moss is out this week for Oakland.

    Patriots lost their backup safety(who replaced Harrison) and are now reduced to starting a rookie 4th round draft choice at safety for their next game. Thank God for them that they have a bye and Buffalo before they square off against Indy on MNF Nov.7th. Bruschi is back, now we have to wonder if Belichick is so desperate that he will start him immediately after such a long layoff in a desperate attempt to "inspire" the team. Lets just hope for Bruschis' family that he doesn't keel over and die after, or even worse, during a game. Its debatable as to how much blame would fall on their shoulders but in the eyes of many it would have a morally bankrupting effect on their organization.

    The Vikings misery continues as the owner privately berated the entire team in the locker room promising to remove from the roster anyone found to have had anything to do with setting up the sex party. In addition Mike Tice reportedly offered to fight anyone on the team who has a problem with him. A model of productivity this team is, NOT!

    Green Bay is thinking Division title. I won't be surprised if it happens either.
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    -Cincinatti over Pittsburgh(i can't stand Cowher and those fake stupid faces he makes)

    -Miami over Kansas City(the Chiefs have one of the worst d-fence's in the NFL year in and year out)

    -San Diego over Philly(Philly has still not recoverd from the Dallas spanking)

    -Buffalo over Oakland(expect the Raiders to finish dead last in thier division, Moss can't play defence and Collins is too erratic).

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    My picks

    SD over Philly of course! The Philly defense is no longer the unbreakable machine it once was and LT is LT.

    The Giants over Denver, if the game was in Denver it will be the other way around.

    Cincinatti over Pit, I think the QB situation in Pit is not as rossy as they will like us to be live it and without him the attack of Pit is no good.

    Dallas over Seatle, but this one in fact could go either way!

    The Jets over Atlanta, I just think that Michael Vick and company were given the game over NO by the officials.

    There you go
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    Quote Originally Posted by Canadian Joe 652
    Cincinatti over Pit, I think the QB situation in Pit is not as rossy as they will like us to be live it and without him the attack of Pit is no good.
    Also read that all 3 "starting" receivers for the Steelers are hurt although they may all play.

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