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Thread: SP couple experiences

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    SP couple experiences

    Hi all,

    Been discuting with the lady lately and we would like to have a threesome as my birthday gift! We've both did it before with some random people separatly.

    I've proposed to her to use a SP instead of browsing the multiple dating site.

    Did anyone did that, having an SP with your partner to complete the "trilogy"? How was your experience in the end? Or in comparison with not using an SP.

    Also, if you have suggestion, it would be welcome. We would like someone that is comitted to both (men and women) in the action.


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    At the request of an SP who is no longer active I did a threesome with her and another SP. The girl she selected did not know she was an SP and she did not want to tell her. It had been a fantasy of hers and I was more than happy to oblige. We booked the SP for two hours and split the cost of the girl, her thinking was that since she would be enjoying 50% of the SP she would be happy to pay for her share. It was a good time as no emotions on anyones part was involved. We all walked away very happy.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Dyodin View Post
    Also, if you have suggestion, it would be welcome. We would like someone that is committed to both (men and women) in the action.
    Hello Dyodin,

    I'm not certain what type of companion you and your lady friend are looking for but I do meet with couples quite frequently, so does Charlotte Sinclair. We are both bisexual and LOVE women

    My website:

    I'm unsure about the rules of this board and not certain if Charlotte is a paid advertiser at this time... please Google her name for her website link.

    I hope the two of you find the perfect companion for your upcoming sexy adventure!
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    As a provider, I love to meet with couples, it is always a special treat for me. I have also been part of a couple that engaged in a threesome with a provider.

    Personally I would prefer an encounter with a provider who enjoys couples over a civilian. An important distinction to make also it that just because a provider is bisexual or does duos, that doesn't mean she will be a good couples' provider. It's a whole different experience.

    I also prefer independents over agency providers as they are able to offer a more personalized service. When I am meeting a couple we spend time exchanging emails, discussing expectations and limits, etc. Once a girl and I even chose what we would wear together.

    Good luck! I hope you have a fabulous encounter!

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    Did the threesome thing with my gf twice, with two different ladies. (both indies and retired.)

    Both occasions were great, it went perfectly, according to my gf , and was even better according to me!

    few things i think are important :

    -know what she wants to do and don't do.
    -don't be cheap. choose the best Partner for both of you. If it's not a good experience, she won't repeat.
    - 90min or 2 hours.
    -choose a provider confortable with couples.

    and enjoy!...for us, it's a once a year thing, and i make the most of it!

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    Thanks for your information all! We will look into this soon and try to find a fully bisexual girl! Don't hésitate to send me suggestion via PM if you had great experience.

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    Yes, I am a paid advertiser so thank you Gabrielle for the mention.

    In terms of the best fit - I am best suited for those couples 40 and over. The chemistry comes most easily it seems. Similarly with those couples who are especially nervous/excited for a first time or after a bad experience with someone else. I am very much myself during an encounter and express my genuine sexuality. I am not a blow up doll or fake over the top bisexual acting type.

    Because some people do want that - their perogative. Soooo many options for us all. Thankfully!

    Hope that helps!

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