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Thread: NFL cheerleaders charged with having sex

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    NFL cheerleaders charged with having sex

    Nice looking babes. Too bad they got caught doing the deed. In Montreal, something like that would probably just get a slap on the wrist.
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    Well, next time the two girls make out in public they should really try the men's room. I am sure it would of been a more receptive crowd.

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    The blonde looks pretty good...but now the other one ?

    You mean to tell me she's a cheerleader ?

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    The patrons and cops probably made a bigger deal out of it since the girls were cheerleaders for the opposing team. Looks like the religious right has taken over that country......the Land of No More Fun.

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    Talking Catfight!!!

    I thought the one girl was charged with assault rather than "having sex" because of the fact that she struck another woman patron in the face after she got into an argument with her over the girls taking so long in the bathroom. Hard to imagine the police could charge them with "having sex" since they were not there to see it and any witnesses would most likely have been intoxicated at the time. DA's usually don't care to put people on the stand if they were bombed at the time they "witnessed" something.

    That being said I would have liked to witness such tender emotions between two young beautiful women while I imbibed my favorite frosty beverage. Oh wait a minute, thats why I go to Montreal!

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