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Thread: Happy Birthday Zoe

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    Happy Birthday Zoe

    Happy birthday Lady Z.
    I`ve never seen anyone look sexier in a little grey dress than you.
    Have the most fun week possible.

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    Happy birthday to one of the most wonderful ladies I know
    It your time my love, seize it!

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    Bonne Fete Mademoiselle Z

    We haven't met yet but I hear from our acquaintances you are a very special lady. All of my best to you on your special day.



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    Happy Birthday Z-wonderful!

    It was a pleasure to meet you at the party last week and i enjoyed the nice chat we had. You are a beautiful person, inside and out.

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    Happy birthday Z!

    We didn't get a chance to talk at the VIP-1
    But we will!!!

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    Have a wonderful day, have fun and enjoy yourselft it'S your day

    happy birthday and see you soon

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    Happy Birthday Zoe

    Best Regards

    Savoir Faire Is Everywhere !!!

    Trying one day to be " In the Know "

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    Alles Gute zum Geburtstag Zoe!

    Enjoy your special day!

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    happy bday zoé
    i was the lucky one to see you
    monday,on the eve of your bday.
    glad you liked the set-up
    so we could celebrate.
    big hug sweetie

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    Happy birthday Zoé, I just had the chance to chat with you for a few minutes at Vip-1, hehe.

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    Have a very happy Birthday.

    Hoping all your wishes come true!

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    Was a pleasure meeting you at VIP-1: hope your birthday is special!

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    Happy bday Zoe! Can't wait for our meeting in 2 weeks!

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    Happy Birthday Zoe, hoping to meet you one of these months. :-)
    Jules Winnfield (Samuel L. Jackson in Pulp Fiction) English, motherfu*ker, do you speak it?

    Typical Yankee fan in the Merb Sports Section!! Bwwaahh.

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    Thank you everyone for the birthday wishes

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