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Thread: Your ATF....what makes her an ATF and why, for you, she is the best.

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    Your ATF....what makes her an ATF and why, for you, she is the best.

    There is no easy answer....chemistry plays a strong role.
    She has to be so pretty that you`d spin your head around if she walked by on the street and you`ll spend the next 3 days thinking about her.
    If she reminds you of a crush in school all the better.
    Her personality is sugar and spice.
    Intelligent and self assured. She challenges your mind and body.
    Her sense of humour keeps you laughing and smiling till your cheeks hurt.
    She could be anything she wants to be but she chooses to be a courtesan not only for the money but also for the freedom, the perks and power.
    Her lovemaking , whether safe GFE or GFE++ is intense, sensual and out of worldly.....her touch sends electric currents down your spine. She loves sex and it shows in everything she does to you, with you, and demands from you.
    You could spend eternity in her arms and not get enough. Her kisses are like tasting water for the first time after being lost in the desert for days.
    Her stories keep you mesmerized as your soul is swept up by her eyes.
    You count the days, hours and minutes till your next encounter.

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    There's only one criteria for me : the way she makes me feel ! And a close second is the way I seem to make her feel. The combination of both are nirvana!

    What ? Rimshot? What the hell is that? Sounds dirty”
    Well, not really here's what it is...:

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    Jeez cloudsurf... what's left to say other than ditto!

    Must have been an excellent dinner date!

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    My ATF never made me felt like a client. Things just were natural between us.
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    What makes my atf my atf is..
    The time she spends chatting with me off the clock after every encounter.
    The fact that she remembers every single thing i've ever asked her to do, and she executes them precisely every time we meet to make sure i am absolutely satisfied.
    The text messages and phone calls every time she needs someone to talk.
    The times she has came along with me lingerie shopping knowing it wasn't for her, and her still willing to use her parallel body type to model the lingerie and show me how it will look on my s.o
    The way she hugs me every time we meet.
    The flat hourly rate she granted me and takes with great acting skills telling me she feels bad taking my money.
    The insisting on cuddling in my arms after each orgasm.
    All this combined and then some.
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    cloudsurf....tout à fait d'accord avec ton commentaire....j'aurais écrit à peu près la même chose.....merci de l'avoir fait......nous devons être 2 fiers de nous assumer.....

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