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Thread: Who is the sexiest hairdresser in Montreal

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    Who is the sexiest hairdresser in Montreal

    Who do you know is capable of
    doing a great hair cutting job and
    Is the kind of hairdresser you have fantasies about
    while she is cutting your hair
    she gets close to you
    you can smell her perfume that turns you on
    and her hair touches you
    and her blouse reveals just a taste
    she just barely touches you enough
    just enough to get you all blue balled and wood-stiffed?

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    Hi ....for me....coiffure Cebo.......on Sherbrooke east.........the owner is a very sexy sexy black girl--spectacular...............really my taste............

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lily-Rose View Post
    ....that's a good one........

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    Sabrina from Glam salon boutique in Old Montreal. Absolutely gorgeous Italian woman with lots of style.

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    When I was a teenager, there was a barber shop(I say that because it had the candy-strip pole ouitside0, near my house. I had been going there since I was a young kid. There was a young blonde hairdresser, then in her mid twenties. She had huge boobs, and always had her white blouse opened enough so that you could see her massive cleavage. When she would cut my hair, for whatever reason, she would position herself so that her cleavage was literally in my face, and I could smell her perfume. When she would finish cutting my hair, I would have to wait to get out of the chair because I had a raging hardon.
    Writing this reply had brought a smile to my face.!!

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    Heather from Aveda on St Lo. She isn't for everyone ♡ but she's an 80s cyborg babe

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    sounds like my style ..

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    mm thanks for sharing

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    Maryse in Cote. St. Luc is not the sexiest but she will provide a happy ending. Plus she is GND type looking.

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    I also vote for 'Menick'.

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    Where can one find this Menick?

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    mmmm...will need a hair cut when am back in Montreal .

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    She is hot

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