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Thread: PSE vs GFE

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    PSE vs GFE

    I know what the terms stand for and I have a general sense of how they differ--but, although I've enjoyed the hobby for more years than I can remember, I don't actually know what PSE is specifically code for. A few of the Montreal indies offer both GFE pricing and PSE pricing, often $100 more. Since I would never ask an SP in advance for specifics about what she offers, I'm asking out here. (The acronym sticky isn't working for me and searching the terms here is hopeless.) What could I expect from PSE? Greek, I assume. And beyond that? I looked it up online, and here's what one website said: "An escort that provides PSE experience means that sex can be as dirty as one wants. Anal could be included, along with extreme gagging, facials, and other trademark sex acts that are expected in porn movies." If I booked an indy at the PSE rate, could I expect all these things? GFE seems like a well-defined term; is PSE?


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    The difference between GFE and PSE GFE is girl friend experience which would be the assumed standard service one can expect from most service providers such as kissing fs bj etc While PSE is porn star experience which are whatever extra options that SP decides she is comfortable with. For some it could CIM and or deepthroat while others offer Greek or a wider selection. Each girl is different and YMMV. So I would suggest finding out before hand. With the new law it is common to not list what services each experience may entail. But the gist of PSE are extras the SP has chosen that are not typically included in a GFE session. Hope this clarifies your question to a degree Happy hobbying! X A.

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    Thanks, Adriana. That's what I assumed, but of course it's not a real definition. Since I won't ask an SP over email/phone if she does XYZ--and since most providers expressly don't want such questions--it leaves the category pretty vague. The only way to approach it, at least for me, would be to either plan on PSE for a second date or plan on GFE and then ask the provider in person, upgrading if it's what I want. No big deal either way, I was just curious if "PSE" had any actual content; and I gather it doesn't.

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    I like the notion that "PSE is a sport and GFE is an art." I think what you're saying is that the difference is primarily attitude, mood, and "vibe." I've had pretty much everything you mention under PSE in a "regular" or GFE session, sometimes with an extra charge negotiated (e.g., greek, but even then that is sometimes included) and sometimes a tip (e.g., CIM and even CIMSW). I also like what you say about "illusion and psychology." I've thought a lot about that over the years.

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    I struggled to describe the amazing experience with Victoria spinner Indy Outcall (and Incall) as it was, as noted below, that rare possibility of the SP mixing both. I do believe other SPs I've been with and had a wonderful GFE are capable of some PSE (and vice-versa) but it's perhaps different factors in a session that determine what transpires.

    It could be the vibe I give off, what she picks up on, what mood she's in, what's communicated or requested, etc

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