I used to go to my favourite masseuse every week.
She truly gave her 100 percent.
I felt respected.
My patronage appreciated.
They she become cocky
Not giving me her usual 100 percent.
But at the end of the session she expects the same as before.
No more for me.
Did not see her in over two months.
Out of the blue she calls.
Kna Kna Kna.
I miss you.
Have not seen you.
Let's get together..
"Hello are you inviting me for a date or are you trying to slot me for a massage that you expect me to pay for?"
Not a date she says.
"I am sorry but I am not willing to pay what you expect for the service that you give"
Then she quickly said ba-bye

Even though we go to a masseuse expecting something wonderful in the 2nd half, it does not mean that a service provider
can expect to shortchange her client with poor service. If any bar owner or restaurant owner would dare lower service
standards while keeping prices high, in no time at all, he would see his sale numbers fall. I suggest for 2016 to be very very picky.
Keep your masseuse on her toes.
If the masseuse gives a horrible massage in the first half, and flips you, and then lists the 2nd half menu just as a pizza chef lists his toppings,
can we really expect the 2nd half to be better when the first was horrible?
Do not reward the lazy or the spoiled or the disrespectful.
If their cell phones ring during a session, get up, get changed and ask for your money back.
Take back control