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Thread: Massage salon doing very slow business.

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    Massage salon doing very slow business.

    I was at a salon this week, there were two bored ladies there and things were not as it was a few years ago. Is the hobby slowing down?

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    Yes , people slowing down, because they have to face realities of everyday life : bills from Christmas, T4 income taxes, municipal taxes and increase of 5% of meat, fruits.......... etc. Only gaz gives us a break to breath.

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    Yep as I said in the stripclub thread the lagging economy is the main culprit. We see that because supply are increased by a lot. The slower the economy the higher the supply will be and the lower the demand will be. All signs of a poor economy. Massive job losts, corporations jacking up prices and paying employees less and less. Prices are going up but salaries are stagnant. Then on top of that we pay very high taxes Quebec has the highest taxes in North America.
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    Well I agree on all the above but it also is a question of the MP. Yes there are a lot more SP's available but the MP's I have been to lately are still pretty busy. Good for us: more choice

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    Quote Originally Posted by SpecialAgentMoody View Post
    Another factor is a dramatic increase in supply as well.
    I'm not sure about that SAM. I would have though the reverse for the number of parlours. My general feeling is that the demand has decreased substantially in the last 6 or seven years bringing harder competition for the providers. As usual in this situation, the more serious owners are doing better then the others. It"s hard to compare Montreal and Québec but here the peak in the number of parlours was around 2005-2006. It has dropped almost half since then. I would think the peak in Montreal was maybe a couple of years latter.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ramblinman69 View Post
    Yes there are a lot more SP's available but the MP's I have been to lately are still pretty busy. Good for us: more choice
    I'm very naive about the Montreal's MP's. So, please forgive me for asking dump questions. Do they offer GFE at MP's? If so, why don't the ladies become SP's? Do you really get a massage? If so, they might break more bones than provide proper deep tissue massages.

    Despite the draconian laws in my home state of AZ, there are MP's that provide happy endings -- I suspect the LE's turn a blind eye because they know it's a necessary "evil" so long as the providers are all adults and no human trafficking (underage or adults) is suspected. The providers at these MP's don't provide massages while your lying down on your face -- they touch you here and there and then whisper "what do you want".

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    Most don't, Bad Chap. Some, however, will not resist providing it for fees around 180$-200$. At that price, they get more money in their pocket (the parlour take a flat rate of 50$-60$) then with agencies (they take more then that). It's a bit weird that for some it's a necessary evil when it's a tug job but not when it's a blow job.

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    It's hard to guess about supply and demand. If the economy is bad men have less money to spend, but women are more likely to turn to sex work to make ends meet. It's much easier to get business as an indy nowadays, so maybe this is doing to the MP sector what Uber is doing to the cab industry.
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    Quote Originally Posted by gugu View Post
    Most don't, Bad Chap. Some, however, will not resist providing it for fees around 180$-200$. it's a necessary evil when it's a tug job but not when it's a blow job.
    Ah, thanks for the clarifications, Gugu.

    The one and only time I went to a MP was on my very first trip to Canada -- TO, over a decade ago. I was stupid and naive then (and still am). I took a cab to the MP -- a nearly an hour drive; but the taxi driver was a very nice guy and he gave me a tour of TO; the cab ride cost so much that I had very little cash left for a happy ending; the nice (Japanese) lady gave me a great HJ, and allowed me digits. I ran out of money so I had to take public transport (bus and the metro) to get my sorry ass back to my hotel, in downtown TO. I almost froze to death -- it was one of the coldest winters for TO Since then I've only done in-calls any time I'm in Montreal (I stopped going to TO because it's too much like NYC, where I was born).

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    In the last 6 months I must have seen at least 4 or 5 salons advertised for sale. Just search CraigsList for sale and you will see the ads. The world economy is crap, the Canadian economy will be crap for the next 12-18 months minimum. There are a lot of companies closing or down sizing. Small private businesses use to do OK, now they are all in the crapper. The boss can no longer sneak out for a quick "massage" when he has fired half his staff and has to do a lot of the work himself. Quite a difference from 10-15 years ago when he was making money and can have personal leisure time. during working hours. Younger guys are not entering the hobby as much as sex is much easier to get on the civilian scene these days. Then there is C-36. The illegals are almost non existent, which makes for less choice. Some of the clients have been scared away, and even the part timers like CEGEP or University girls that would flood the massage places at spring break time or before for extra money for spring break. The client base for the hobby is getting old. The baby boom is tapering off and many guys are thinking about the big 65. I also suspect that the way the government has plugged many cash businesses has had an effect on the hobby. In the last 20 years the government has gone after the bikers, the trades like reno, plumbing and electricians. Now there is less dirty and under the table money. In the last few years restaurants has had to present a bill on the table for food and at the end of the month, bars will have to do the same. No more undocumented money. I would not be surprised if the government went after the massage business in the same way and made them present a bill to the client as he enters the premises. Prices have stayed the same for the last 10 years in the hobby. A stripper told me that the strip clubs are empty because the government has gone after all the ways people make undocumented money and crime. She told me of a time when dirt bags that made dirty money would come into a strip club and throw $1000 on the table and say dance until the money is gone so that these scum can feel like kings. The days of dirty/under the table money are gone.

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    well maybe these stupid parlours should stop asking for upfront money just to see the lineup, that is stupid that I have to pay the room fee first then see the girls, show me the girls first then I'll tell you if I wanna stay, why should I have to pay first? I'm the customer, I have the final say, if the girls are too lazy to get off their butts and come out and greet the client like they do in Toronto and any other Canadian city then forget about it

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    I have noticed that there is very little turn over at the salons compared to a few years ago. Now it is the same roster week after week.

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    J'avais un client qui fréquentait beaucoup les salons avant. Il ne le fait plus, il ne voit plus que moi (ses dires car me sait safe), ici à Montréal en plus de la loi Harper il y a eu Coderre, sans compter que les résidents commencent à en avoir marre et font des pressions. Franchement, prenez le con de chez Jasmine "pas de ma faute, y a pas meilleure place qu'à proximité de trois écoles dans un quartier hyper résidentiel/familial, ça prendrais une loi pour me dicter où aller".

    Voilà une industrie qui a tout flopé car elle ne s'est pas comportée en bon citoyen corporatif.

    Et les clients aussi ne sont pas mieux, combien de fois je me suis fait harceler en attendant l'autobus dont l'arrêt était devant un salon ? Ils ne vous vident pas comme il faut dans les salons ? Sérieusement....

    Ben voilà...

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    Voins don,t Le proprio de Chez Jasmine a pas besoin le salon pour vivre(selon son reportage). Donc ils merit un certificate de bon citoyens....... ils empece les pimps de rue ,et crie des emplois comme agent de location de salle, et gestion de personelle. Pendant son partie de Poker.

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