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Thread: Emails settings...

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    Lily from Montreal

    Emails settings...

    It happened a few times and again this morning and I am wondering if some of you has a solution?

    I just got a nice email from a gent ,from a gmail address ,if it is relevant, I answered back promptly ,as always, I am a bit compulsive there
    ,and I got an automated ''undeliverable message''...grrr
    Am right to assume it is because of the settings of his gmail account and is there a way from my end to format or whatever my answer so he gets it?

    I have no clue,but it frustrate me no end to think that someone will think that Lily is not even answering her messages...

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    Was there something else in the automated message other then ''undeliverable message''?
    It could be that his email box is full, that the return adress is faulty... you could try
    to answer from another provider then gmail.
    Otherwise I'm not sure...
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    Lily from Montreal
    I tried to answer from my gmail Liy address and this time I got an bit more info:
    still undeliverable but they said the address doesn't exist (!) so I am stuck...

    Ah well ,I mean I will not miss a meeting as he was asking me if I was touring soon in the States and I don't tour
    but I do not like to not answer my mail,only time I do not is when I look at the message
    and it was sent at 3 am and is like '' U available? '',quite sure it is a dutch courage message...

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    Well.. that answers everything... the email address may have been disabled, deleted, or never existed in the first place.
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    Nae Lard! Nae Master!
    We willna be fooled again!

    Terry Pratchett

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    Lily from Montreal

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    Compare the email it was sent from VS the email that is showing up when hitting the reply button.
    Email accounts can be setup to show different reply-to addresses. Its possible he might have made a typo.

    Its also possible that your email is somehow getting flagged you can test it out via:

    Hope this helps
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    Lily from Montreal
    Thanks ,I will test it.

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