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    Well....not quite, but almost.
    Every so often I peruse the ads on 123 and I come across something that looks real and interesting.
    Lots of the ads ask for text inquiries and when I do find something that's what I do. I've got my list (short) of questions I always ask, like, are pics real, recent, you mention extras but not how much, blah blah blah. Depending on the ad and information already provided I'm asking 3-5 questions in my first or second text.
    The frustrating part is they almost never answer any of the question I pose. The initial reply is usually information that was already posted in their ad. I repeat my questions and usually the next reply is something like " yes, full GFE". I never asked about GFE. Its always seems like they go out of their way to AVOID answering simple questions. It can almost be viewed a hilarious.
    A couple days ago I had an exchange with someone that easily lasted about 90min back and forth ( both of us replied within 5-10 min of each text). I didnt get a single answer in all those texts of any of my 5 questions. I only continued to exchange texts because I was interested to see how long before I could get 1, just 1 question answered. I never did. It was crazy.

    This happen to anyone else?

    Please tell me its not just me.
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    All kind of things happen to everyone. The important question you should ask yourself is: what have I learned from this?

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