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Thread: Superbowl Ads

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    Superbowl Ads

    For those of us who had to watch the game on Global here's a link to the best part of the Superbowl...the ads.

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    Thanks Techman, I forgot to Tivo the game before I left home and was bummed that I missed them all. Looks like it'll take awhile to get through them all.

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    Just go right to the Fed Ex ad. Far and away the best among a generally mediocre crop this year. Suppose that's only right given how mediocre the football was as well.

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    stupor bowl

    I love football, and though I don't watch for the commercials, Budweiser usually comes up with some great stuff...
    This year I fell asleep in the third quarter. I don't think I missed much.

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    Thumbs down In addition to the Fed Ex add...

    ...the Bud Light add with the Grizzly Bear was pretty funny. I also liked the one where the guy who works in an office full of Chimpanzees calls up a woman who works in an office full of Donkeys, probably reminds many of us of our workplaces.
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    I like the Ameriquest ad with the woman on the plane who accidentally ends up on top of this one guy with her blouse loose and skirt hiked up.

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    The Flintstone-lookalike one for Fedex. That caveman who sent his mail by some bird dinosaur. It doesn't have the time to fly 10 feet before some T-Rex or whatever dinosaur eat its bird courier. He goes back to his office cavern and get fired by his boss, because he didn't used Fedex... but Fedex wasn't invented yet. The boss don't care a dime about it. So true.

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