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Thread: Have you ever got a STD from a SP?

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    Have you ever got a STD from a SP?

    Making this kinda an extension of Peter's North topic "Always dreamed about it but........" it will be interesting if you loyal minions of this hobby post your experiences regarding STD and SP's. Have you ever got a STD from a SP in all you hobby career? If yes please post your experince and if the answer is no so much better then.

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    What about you strike? Tell us how often you' ve been dosed or crabbed.

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    The answer is no but I test myself regularly (every four months) and I do not think I am invincible. Nobody should.

    The fact is that STDs are common in certain sub-groups but probably not as prevalent in the general heterosexual population as we fear. A gay heroin addict that performs unprotected anal sex is a lot more at risk than an SP, you or I. That is a fact but there are no guarantees so it is best to test yourself if you're a regular hobbyer. Finally, remeber that many STDs are dormant, with no clinical signs so just because you feel great, it doesn't mean a thing.

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    Consider this. People with HIV, hepatitis, herpes and other STDs need to get layed also... Who will they sleep with? Prostitutes would be a good choice, don't you think? Just a thought.

    In my opinion, SPs are a group really at risk, unfortunately.

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    One could ask, why the hell people here talk about US troops, mid-winter blues, winter games........ We`re on a site about escorts, Montreal escort review board! I think I have every right to write about STDs and SPs like these people write about the weather. Maybe you don`t want to read about the risks `cause you want to continue enjoying your hobby worry free.

    Why the continuing interest in SPs you ask? Well, since they have always been a fantasy of mine, and girlfriends and wives can`t come close from what SPs offer, it`s normal for me to keep interest. But, I`m still afraid and hope maybe I will find SPs some day who will be a lot safer than the others. Perhaps, a few will come forward on this board to reassure potential good clients like I would be. I don`t know, maybe I`m dreaming...

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