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Thread: SP friendly hotels

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    SP friendly hotels

    Hello there:

    I wanted to know if the following hotel/guest house are escort friendly:

    Montreal Guest House
    1258 Amherst

    Montreal Espace Confort
    2050 Saint-Denis Street

    If some one can comment on the hotels also I would really appreicate it.


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    Say what?

    To be honest, i never heard of these places and i've been coming to Mtl since 1988.
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    I have recently seen the Espace listed, so it may be a new property, and I would also like to know.

    As for the Guest House, a google search led to information which characterized it as a hostel, with guests having private rooms but sharing bathroom and kitchen facilties. For me, a private bathroom is required for the situation to be considered SP friendly. Also, in my experience, some of the smaller cheaper facilities may be used to accomodating sp's, but more of the street variety. They may be less friendly in so far as they may be able to keep track of what is going on, and if they see a girl in your room they may want to charge for the extra guest.

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    There are also some agencies that will flat refuse to send girls to a place like the Montreal Guest House (or will give the SP the option of refusing the call) for the reasons you mentioned. Chick Digger would be well advised to make sure ahead of time that he will be able to receive there, or he may well spend the night masturbating and sharing the bathroom with a SW who is juiced. Watch out for the needles on the floor, you don't want to step on those.

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    Thanks for your input guys. I will play it safe. I just booked the Hyatt after reading your inputs.

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    You will pleased with the Hyatt, and you can receive anyone there. The hotel is on top of the Complex Desjardins so you are only a 4 floor elevator ride away from shopping mall including a food court, an SAQ liquor store, an IGA supermarket, 2 ice cream shops, a dry cleaner, and the list goes on (Hyatt lobby is level 6 and the shopping mall is level 2).

    Good choice. It's the best 3 star hotel in downtown Montreal.
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