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Thread: Ladies: clitoral versus vaginal orgasm - any difference?

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    Ladies: clitoral versus vaginal orgasm - any difference?

    Please see

    According to this, "The vaginal wall is, in fact, the clitoris". Do you agree, ladies? Some tell me they prefer clitoral orgasms to vaginal orgasms, and others vice-versa. Well, they may be one and the same. What do you think?

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    Some women can`t orgasm from just clitoral stimulation and require vaginal penetration to cum...while others will orgasm from a kiss on the neck or a few nibbles on their ear lobe. So I think that a woman`s main sex organ is her mind.

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    I have to desagree profoundly !

    I heard this discourse before '' the woman sexual organ is in her mind '' I think it is total bulshit, I have meet brillantly intellectual males to whom I felt no attraction at all which defeats the idea that we women are automatically attracted to intellectuals or well articulated men. Not at all.

    Attraction for me as a female is a composition of:
    Shared interests or values
    My hormones at the moment
    My likes and dislikes
    Does he uses deodorant or he smells bad ?
    Is the guy showered
    Does he shaves ?
    Is he interested in my satisfaction or just in hinself ?

    A clitorial orgasm is felt through the entire body, and it it is true that the clitory is the entire vagina not just that olive looking thing. I would say the clitoris is the entire body, every celular of a female body can be eroticised, I cannnot have sex with guy who is interested just in my genitals and my breasts ( it tells me he lacks creativity ) The difference to me is that the G spot orgasm is felt more local and it is a very wet orgasm.
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    for the record

    Juliana. I didn`t write that a woman`s sexual organ is in her mind...I wrote that it is her mind. Your post confirms that.
    Show me a woman who can have an orgasm when she is "not in the mood for sex" and I`ll show you a dozen who can have orgasms with absolutely no phsical stimulation. I agree that for many women , and some men, the entire body is an errogenous zone.

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    I think the phrase, “the most important sex organ is the mind” was not meant to suggest that intelligent people were necessarily the biggest turn on, but rather that what counts as sexual stimulation is how we perceive it. We might find touching a woman’s bare knee very erotic or we might de-erotize a touch to the genitals in a hospital exam.


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