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    Red face dance classes

    Hello, I have decided to learn to dance something, so I would like you opinion, which kind of dance would be the most succesful to attract women, salsa? or which one?
    do you know where is the hottest place to take dance classes? I mean, where I can find good quality of female partners.
    hope someone knows,
    see you, thanks,

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    aren't dance lessons usualy a bring your own partner type of deal?
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    Latin Dancing

    Latin dance classes in Toronto have a ratio of about 5 women to every guy so they are just super. I took a class here in Montreal a few years ago and that's where I met a lady who became my partner for four years. That was a very small class in NDG though. I know there are some larger and more commercial classes downtown but I'm not sure of the ratio and I think they attract mainly a French speaking crowd which will make me pretty non-functional since I can't speak the language. If the ratios downtown are anything like it was in Toronto, then the dance classes are always great places for meeting women in a safe and fun environment.

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    Gizmo, you can find dance classes at both the 6/49 club on St-Catherine st as well as the Salsatheque on Peel. From what I've heard they are both worth a visit. Wish I had the guts to try it myself but I think I have too much of a gut at the moment to do so.

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