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Thread: How commin is it for girls to work when they're not feeling well?

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    How commin is it for girls to work when they're not feeling well?

    I had an experience a while back where a provider came to my doorwhen she had a bad cold. I hadn`t been warned in advance and didn`t have the heart to ask her to leave. Naturally my reward for this compassion was one hell of a nasty cold that lasted more than a week. She was very sweet but she had to have known that she was going to be sharing her cold with any clients that she saw. Now I definitely am not blaming the girl, but I would like to know how often this happens? I understand that the reverse must happen fairly often as well, although I must say that I would never be selfish enough to schedule a session if I was sick. I would love to get feedback from people here, clients and companions alike.

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    I've had people arrived sickly several times and so I don't think its rare.

    I'm also not suprised. Even office workers come in sick for different reasons. SPs do not get sick days with pay and their bills are still there. What to do? The temptation is strong if they have any chance of hiding their condition. Not good, not professional but part of life.

    If we are talking of an agency, the drivers and any other girls in the car can also get infected.

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    ATT CS

    Hi CS,

    Tried PM'ing you but you're box is full. Shoot me an email at [email protected] . I certainly understand your reasons for not wanting to start a flame war by saying anything on a public board but I'm dying to know more details about what happened. That's very disturbing stuff (as much so for the girl as for you). And here I was annoyed about a cold!

    Annik, it's terrible to hear that an agency like PL would do such a thing to you. No wonder you went indie!


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    Elf, he can't blow the lid off without affecting THE GIRL... he doesn't give a rats ass about the agency.

    Canbest, merb, or, the results would be the same.

    Like canbest? Go signup and talk to yourself over there... SLOWLY, because it will take a few days to get your posts approved!

    Your mileage may vary... mine did!

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    We don`t always take off from work if we just have a common cold, so I don`t expect an escort to. But more serious infections are another matter. (I wonder what you can catch if you get a deep-throat from an escort with strep?). Even an escort in her period can provide a good session because some tampons can hide all traces of it and most customers won`t notice anything different. It`s probably harder for the escort to hide a PMS mood.

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    Post Flu Shot

    Curious as to whether most escorts are even aware of the Flu shot; on several occasions when I mentioned it to escorts, they were surprised that such a thing even existed. While the shot isn't 100% effective, given the nature of their occupation, I would think agency owners would try to at least educate their escorts. After all, a sick escort means lost revenue. Good idea for us, hobbyists too
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