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Thread: Gift ideas for Christmas ?

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    Gift ideas for Christmas ?

    Hello everybody,

    I was in the malls the other days and Christmas shopping is already in full swing.

    What are your gift ideas for this season ?

    I need to buy gifts for everybody and don't have much ideas.

    Here are my criteria:

    1. Price less than 50 to $70 max.

    2. Can easily sneak across US-Canada border.

    3. Distinctively made in Canada.

    Any ideas ?

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    Hi NY,
    That's really good idea...
    As regand mentioned, quebec cheese and maple syrup might be good idea.
    However, if you give us some more information, like who you wanna buy the predsents for, we could give you better/more idea.
    Since I don't think my dad would be happy if he recieved a bottle of maple syrup.


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    If you are caught, the cheese will be confiscated, especially if it is unpasteurized. I suggest ice wine (around $45/bottle), but make sure the people you give it to know it is a dessert wine. I took a bottle to a friend in Texas, and his feedback was, "boy, was that wine sweet!".

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    A gift certificate for some time with a favorite SP.

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    they will forget what you did,
    but they will never forget the way you made them feel.

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    Quote Originally Posted by naughtylady
    A gift certificate for some time with a favorite SP.

    Are you charging $70/hr during Christmas season?
    BTW, downtown and malls are already in Christmas,
    and hope to see some Christmas spirit, not just decorations..


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    Gift cards usually work great. The recipient can use it on whatever they please in the store that has most of their interests.

    Don't know about cross-border use, though. For example, if a Sears gift card bought at a US Sears would work at a Sears in Canada.

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    Quote Originally Posted by oliver kloseoff
    pair of slippers and a dildo!
    if they dont like the slippers
    they can go fuck themselves

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    Roots Canada

    Roots Canada stores offer "genuine" made in Canada style clothing, at a variety of prices/styles.


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    Good suggestion Oliver - and with some people I wouldn't even bother wasting money on the slippers!

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    Gift Ideas...Jessy!

    Hello all,

    If anyone is thinking of what to get for a great guy like Korbel for Christmas this time around...sending Jessy of Satin Dreams with spurs and a whip over for a few days would suit my holiday spirit perfectly. I will supply the

    Happy trails,


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    My suggestion doesn't fit your requirement of "made in Canada," but it meets your other requirements.

    Senteurs de Provence
    4077 rue St-Denis

    This is a small shop owned by a native of the Provence region of France (southeast France). It has beautiful hand-painted pottery, linens, lotions, soaps etc., all imported directly from Provence. You can find lots of unique gifts, all of which can be easily carried in your luggage, in the price range of $10-75.
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    Quote Originally Posted by New York
    Here are my criteria:

    1. Price less than 50 to $70 max.

    2. Can easily sneak across US-Canada border.

    3. Distinctively made in Canada.
    Why sneak? Unless you're bringing in forbidden items (my favorite type), there's no need. If you're bringing in LOTS of stuff, you might have to pay duty, but it's not that much. It would take more $50 items than I have friends and family for that to be an issue.

    I second the Roots suggestion. They have quite a few hats and things that would meet your criteria. There's a little Roots kiosk at the duty-free where we cross that sells wallets, keychains, etc., but the actual stores are more fun.

    How about stuff from the Hudson Bay Company? They have quite a few logo'ed and point blanket-themed items (though no actual point blankets) in that price range. Can't get much more Canadian than HBC. They've got a "Canadiana Boutique" in the store.

    Inuit art or carvings would be good. In your price range, most likely small pieces or perhaps reproductions. I've seen some really nice small soapstone animals for around $60.

    Perhaps large Peek Freans or President's Choice cookie or chocolates assortments?

    A William Shatner's Greatest Hits CD would be very Canadian, but perhaps dangerous if the recipient has no sense of irony.

    Cases of Kraft Dinner? (Just seeing if you're still paying attention.)

    There's always hockey stuff or other sports memorabilia.
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