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Thread: New Year, new features: Merb of the week.

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    New Year, new features: Merb of the week.

    My greatest fellow Canadians,

    2007 just gets started and I think we need to add a thread for all members' benefits.

    Post here any hidden gem of the week, like special SPs that really stand out, discounts on any popular items like digital cameras, things that need to be avoided at all cost.

    In this internet age, Montreal scenes change by the week, so I think it is appropriate to list any hidden gems or rip-offs for all members' benefits.

    Things change so fast that listings over a week old is obsolete.

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    Hotel Bidding is the winner and....

    Hello everybody,

    I just have to nominate the Hote Bidding thread as the merb of the week or the ...year since it is packed full of tips and useful info and can save members billions of dollars.

    And of course, the authour, Eager Beaver is merb of the year and deserves beers from all members at the next GT in Hotel De la Montagne.

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