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Thread: Crack Down time ????

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    Unhappy Crack Down time ????

    I just read the banned list to see who's the latest on the chop board and I got this:

    "James Bond is permanently banned and a warning will be issued to Martin_XXXtase, reminding him that shilling is not tolerated on this board."

    Seems mods are really start some seriuce crack down now...... But Martin really don't stuck me as the type of person does this. Personally, I think the mods are trying to do the right thing, but it's that a bit too hush???? Or is this really a good news to us hobbilists???

    Sunny just made his new web site,which include his own review board, Martin already has his chat room. Seems the owners are ready to leave merb now, because they can't really do much here. And seem the industry as whole has some tough time that force the owners to push their luck......

    Maybe the mods need to give these owner a bit more prevladge so they don't use all these shady ideas to make a living, and we can got more from merb......
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    Actually Martin's chat board has been dead quiet for quite a long time with no action there at all. And no hobbyist would ever take the reviews on an agency's own board as being totally honest.

    The only thing the owners are supposed to be doing here is advertising their girls and their services. Shilling is not part of what they are here for. Catching shills and banning them is what the mods are here for, however. Among other things such as keeping order on the board. Let's allow them to get on with their job and stop second guessing everything they do.
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