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Thread: HDLM Rooftop

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    HDLM Rooftop

    Now that it is 80 degrees, a man's mind turns to...bikinis! Questions about the hdlm rooftop pool/lounge:
    1. Is it open to the public or do you need to be a hotel guest?
    2. Is it, in fact, a place that is frequented by our lovely female friends?
    3. If it is, what is the best time to be there? Weekend, weekday, time of day/evening?
    4. Any general facts/info someone should know before going there?

    Thanks, Peckerhead
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    beach club

    Since I mentioned bikinis...can someone tell me about Le Beach Club: 1. What's it like on a weekday(thursday) vs. weekend? 2. What does it cost? 3. Hours? - I've seen 6pm, 9pm(sat-sun) and one website said 2am. Should I just go directly to the hdlm pool and stay all afternoon/evening?......What am I looking for???? Women...... gourgeous women. Thanks

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