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Thread: Shooting strip club in fabreville laval

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    Shooting strip club in fabreville laval

    Anyone heard about this?

    Happened late saturday night in the parking lot of le plat des tins (sp?) on cure labelle

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    they think it's gang related.

    Three men injured in Laval shooting
    The Gazette
    Three men in their 20s were shot in the Fabreville district of Laval early Sunday.

    The men were walking along Labelle Blvd. about 2:30 a.m. when a car pulled up to them and a backseat passenger opened fire. The suspects fled the scene before police arrived, Laval police said.

    The men were taken to a hospital with non-life threatening wounds to the legs. All three victims refused to collaborate with police, who suspect the shooting could be gang-related.

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    So what, big deal. Could they have been less specific on the discriptions of the shotter and those shot. You know like race, hair color, possible ethnicity, accent, weight, height and etc.

    Ok so we know so far that they were men and in their 20's. Perfect that should narrow it down to about 20% of the local population, assuming they were local.

    Ok another clue being possible gang related. Did they mean street gangs like the Bo Gars or organized gangs like the Mafioso?

    Also why does it nessarly need to be gang related. Maybe they owed a lone shark money and didn't pay up or he fucked his underage sister or something. Could we be even more sketchyer on the details?
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    Thx for posting the link super hiro.

    Club is also known by Salon bleu (on top of 369)

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