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    when the woman first walks into the hotel room, how do you start things off?
    what do u say first?
    and what do you talk about in the beginning?


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    Compliment her on her looks but go for something original, not something she's heard 10.000 times, I usually try and compliment her clothing, some jewelry she might be wearing or just introduce myself.

    Also if the weather is nasty or really nice try that, or traffic.


    Don't stand there and smile like an idiot.

    Smile and talk at the same time. Like you might do to the camera.

    Don't stand there, smiling and babbling. Do not babble, she might think you're on drugs and flee. Ask her what region she's from originally, some of our best talent if from outside of Montreal. Try not to sound like you're part of the Vice-Squad though. Really.

    Find something intelligent to say.

    A small giftwrapped offering like chocolates, candles or perfume or if you can afford to, jewelry also starts off the conversation well.

    Do not start the conversation asking if she has heard about the shootings/stabbings/rapes/etc.

    Avoid the 'It must have hurt when you fell from the sky' line.

    Use the Joey Trebbiani 'How you doin' line with the mimick. <-this one actually works at parties, malls and fast food joints. I've even picked up women at funerals with it, but it must be done just right.

    Humor goes a long way to relax the atmosphere. Have the TV turned on Musique Plus and make fun of the current VJ, they're easy preys...

    Don't babble.


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    Other topics: how long have you been doing this? what did you do before? or even talk about your self, what you do for a living, a recent vacation yourself, tell her if you feel a little shy. (She will probably notice at any rate)

    A good sp should be able to help you relax and feel at ease. For me I find that getting a gentleman to talk about himself, his hobbies, interests, career is usually the easiest way. These are the subjects he is most familiar with, and therefore most comfortable talking about.

    They will forget what you said,
    they will forget what you did,
    but they will never forget the way you made them feel.

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    Mmm, sumptuous and delicious, my thoughts exactly. I'll give you a call some-time darling.
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    This always works for me

    Offer them drinks, and I usually prepare a variety (wine - red/white, water, juice, milk, etc). Wine is the easiest, there are different types of red from different countries. Depending on what the SP chooses, then carry the conversation based on the selection.


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    I am sure most of the SPs would careless about what I have to say about a particular wine, but is a good conversation piece. ie. I picked this bottle on my trip to Sonoma county, have you been to California? blah, blah, ...

    Just something to the session to ease the awkward moment that leads up to the dirty deed.

    I have to admit sometimes I get carried away with the conversation - foolish thinking that they might a tad bit interested - and end up booking extra hour. I do, however, would like to know abit about the sp to enhance the session (psychologically for me) a bit.


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    Most of the SP kiss me in the cheek, when I open the door.
    So, I ask them: How are you..bla..bla..
    What was her day....

    I remember one time, we talk a liitle bit, and have sex...
    She forgot call the driver...

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