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Thread: Can Stripclub Soundtracks Be Found Online and Downloaded?

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    Can Stripclub Soundtracks Be Found Online and Downloaded?

    I'm having a bachelor party for a friend, we'll have strippers dancing all night long and I was thinking instead of having to pay attention to the music all night maybe I can find an already put-together compilation of stripclub music.

    If anyones knows if such things exist please point me in the right direction to the better choices.



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    I'd say that the best thing to do is put together your own compilation disc. If you do a search on Merb, you should be able to find at least one thread that was started about favorite stripper songs. Also, there's a chance that if you are hiring strippers to perform that they will bring their own music with them. It wouldn't hurt to ask about it when you hire the girls.
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    Check out this soundtrack. Every song is free to download:
    Wakka Chikka Wakka Chikka - Porn Music for the Masses
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    I agree with Techman,burn your own cd.A lot of strip clubs play pop,rap and r&b.But I find that rock really does it for me."girls,girls,girls" by Motley Crue is a staple of strip joints.It reeks of sleaze and sex.I've always dreamed of being a Strip club dj!!!Also,Rob Zombie's "Foxy,Foxy" is an excellent strip song.I remember when I saw Zombie live at the metropolis,there were 2 hot chicks standing in front of me,wearing cowboy hats and they started making out during that song.Ever since then,I feel that song is so sexual,plus there's soundclips of moaning in it.Boo yA!
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    Rap and r&b is so boring in a strip club especialy when the girl just walk thru the song, my best experiance with good strip music and striper was at Frontier there was a striper a few years back dancing on Reimstein and NiN, what a show the crowd use to go crazy and even other stripers in the club use to stop and watch her. The name of the girl was Sasha but I don't know if she's still there.

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