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Thread: Creepy Deja Vu...

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    Creepy Deja Vu...

    Had anyone ever had a "psychic" deja vu?

    What I am referring to is this:

    I was talking to my girl friend yesterday about how glad I am that one of my buddies was in my micro-bio class (so I don't skip class as often). Right after I spit out the last word, this strange feeling of deja vu creeps up on me. I remembered having this conversation with her; and what's even more strange is that I remember the location and people present. We were at a hair salon (I was waiting for her to get her french gel nails done). I recall seeing EVERYONE detail of the salon; down to the very material that the table cloth was made off. Guess what? I never been to that place before IN MY LIFE. What's even scarier is that I remembered that (in the Deja Vu), I turned and saw a tall skinny lady talking to some girl behind the counter. So, instinctively, I turned... and there was a tall skinny lady talking to the girl behind the counter. I freaked out and told my girl friend about it. She was all like "wow, that's weird..." But I had a feeling she didn't believe me at first - she did afterward when she noticed that the blood had drained from my face - I was pale like a bleached out ghost.

    After I went home, I took out my dairy (because I remember an earlier incident that mirrored this). I was right. A similar event happened to me when I was 12... I remembered reading a weird phrase in a book and it triggered a Deja Vu. I also remember that my mother spoke to me RIGHT after I read that sentence (the one that triggered the reaction); and she did, almost on cue just like the Deja Vu (I didn't write down WHAT she said in my dairy, but I think it was something trivial).

    I understand how minds can piece information together and form new pseudo-memories... but a PREDICTION? The chances of that happening is... nil.

    Note that I DID NOT make the prediction after the fact... I did it DURING the Deja Vu and the SAME exactly scene happened RIGHT after I called it.

    I was really freaked out, but now I am better... I am glad I am getting this off my chest.
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    This happens to a lot of people, and it can be freaky in the moment.
    Sometimes, right out of nowhere, I'll start thinking about someone I haven't seen (or thought of) in ages, and later that day, sometimes even moments later, I'll bump into them! It's not like I'm going through old photo albums, reminicsing, either. I could be driving down the road, and suddenly this person just pops into my head, no memory trigger or anything. Weird. Just thought I'd share my "psychic experience".
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    Science have explained the "déjà-vu".

    It's simply the brain's conscient part that goes "to sleep" for an instant, stopping to pay attention. But the brain is still recording. A few instant later (almost never more than a few seconds) the information finally cross into the conscient mind, who then remember it experienced the situation before but is unable to figure-out when, since it doesn't know it wasn't paying attention.

    It's not like something I experienced once with a friend: he navigated his way into a big building, directly right to where we were supposed to go, even if he never visited that place before and there was no signs! He just felt like knew where he was going and he acted on it! To my surprise he was 100% right, without any detour or looking around. He could't explain why or how.

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    I think it is due to a lack of oxygen

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    I vaguely recall an alternative explanation to the phenomenon of déjà-vu that went along these lines (and I paraphrase very loosely; I have no idea where I read this). Since both eyes receive stimuli separately, it is possible for one of the optical nerves to not transmit the information to the brain as fast the other eye's nerve (we're talking milli or nano seconds). The brain has enough time to process the info from the first eye and then re-process it again from the second eye, giving the subject the impression of, literally, already having seen the scene.

    It would be interesting to know if déjà-vu moments are multi-sensorial ... it would disprove this theory. I find the 'brain falling asleep' to be the most plausible theory though...

    As for predicting the future, I don't think that quite fits into the déjà-vu experience. I think you guys have something that you should try and nurture.

    PS Try reading this thread, as I did, while listening to Brian Eno's Music for Airports... it makes the whole thing creepier.
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