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Thread: Iran Expels Canadian Ambassador From Tehran !!!

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    Iran Expels Canadian Ambassador From Tehran !!!

    Discuss how this will affect our hobby...

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    Quote Originally Posted by centaurus
    Iran Expels Canadian Ambassador From Tehran !!!
    Discuss how this will affect our hobby...


    oh, there goes my trip to Iran.....................

    Iran orders Canada's ambassador out of Tehran

    Quote Originally Posted by Montreal Gazette
    OTTAWA - Iran has expelled Canada's ambassador to Tehran, Foreign Affairs Minister Maxime Bernier said Monday.

    "Canada regrets the decision of the Government of Iran to order our ambassador to leave Tehran, which is entirely unjustifiable," he said.

    There was no official notice of the move from Tehran or through Iran's official news agency IRNA about the reasons why John Mundy was ordered home, but Bernier told Reuters late Monday it was because Ottawa refused Iran's proposed envoys to Canada.

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    I was told by a friend who works at Parliament that the ambassador was rumoured to be doing backflips when he found out he got kicked out of Tehran & he'd be back home for Xmas.

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    I'd rather be "kicked out" of Tehran than forced to go there... Poor guy! I bet he's doing backflips...

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    We could easily see this coming:
    Ahmenidjad's surroundings/connections take their roots
    from the 1981 Teheran's US hostage takeover. So guess who might currently show up as recommendations for any type of Iranian political/diplomatic nominations. That's what happened with the 2 Iranians who were recently suggested as candidates to run Iranian's Embassy in Ottawa. Naturally, Ottawa was reluctant and Teheran's removed back their embassador.

    PS: I am not saying that all Iranian political/diplomatic nominations are currently going to take their roots in the 1981 era. But chances are that the 1981 comrades of Ahmenidjad are more likely to sneak around such interests.

    Quote Originally Posted by centaurus
    Discuss how this will affect our hobby...
    Lol. Well, Persian Babes are the hottest HDH babes on the planet (seriously, their cute babes are hard to beat when it comes to beauty) less relationship with them will indulge in scarcity of opportunities to get closer to the Persian Babes. Just kidding.
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