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Thread: KIMBO VS TANK ABBOT the fight is on

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    Thumbs down KIMBO VS TANK ABBOT the fight is on

    kimbo will face tank on sat Feb 16 . problem its on showtime you need dish network or directv to get it
    who do you think will win tank or kimbo. my money is on tank
    here is the link

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    i agree tank is past his prime but he is still dangerous. if he can pace him self { wont happen** he might be OK
    thanks for the tip [FTA]

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    kimbo all the way....
    just watching is video ,fighting live on the street
    scare the shit of me!!!!
    this guy is a strret fighter.
    i will put money on kimbo!
    im back

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    Kimbo is a monster!

    Besides the fact that he's as big as a buick his teacher is Bas of all monsters...Kimbo by TKO in the 2nd round.


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    do you guys remember watching TANK in the UFC he is no pussy .
    it will be a short fight. they are both just sluggers with no stamina

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    i used to be a fan of tank but kimbo is way too strong.i think kimbo is gonna win before the end of the first minute of the fight i would say the first uppercut from kimbo that reach the target will be the last one
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    I don't remember tank ever getting knocked out ever i have seen him tap or just quit [no gas left ] or TKO . but there is always a first time

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    OK so the fight is tonight, has anyone found a bar that is showing the fight ?
    i tried pj's pub but no luck

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    Kimbo won by tko in 43sec.

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    Quote Originally Posted by KRO
    Kimbo won by tko in 43sec.
    wow this guy is a street killer
    im back

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    oops looks like i was right kimbo won with only one good hit before the first minute.abbot's career is over that was his last fight

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    yup tank did go down face first. i thought that he would do better than that
    here is a link to the short fight

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    I knew Kimbo would win, he's a beast.

    Tank has been washed up ever since he joined wcw

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