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Thread: Dirty SPs.

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    Dirty SPs.

    One the steet scene I have seen all sorts of dirty SWs, but so far in the SP scene I have seen very few SPs. The worse one I have gotten was a girl that looked clean and smelled clean, but when I took off her clothes and let her panties fall to the floor. There was this brown patch inside her undies. This girl did not take the time to wipe her ass. What are your unclean SP and SW stories?

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    Clean outside, stinky inside.

    I once fingered a SW that looked clean, but after the encounter it took me 5 days to get her stink off my fingers, I was desparate I tried all sorts of soap, javel, vinegar, and when I was filling my car up at the gas pump got the bright idea of soaking my fingers in gasoline. (it did not work).

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