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Thread: Habs will upset Bruins, AGAIN!

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    Talking Habs will upset Bruins, AGAIN!

    A repeat of what happened two years ago? Theo will steal this series for us! History is not on Boston's side, and it doesn't look like Thornton will be either
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    Red face history will not repeat

    The B's don’t need Thornton!!! The difference this year is going to be Raycroft between the pipes!!!
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    Guys, The way I see it as a long time Montreal fan we have the advantage, we aren't supposed to win, they are. Anytime you go into a series as the underdog the pressure is on the other guy. Kovalev may just break out and Theodore might stand on his head. Raycroft might be great but then again, lack of experience and all that pressure, hmmmmmmmm we'll see. Thornton, he is one of the best players in this league. That being said when he gets frustrated he takes stupid penalities add to this the fact that he isn't 100% and he might not be the factor Bruins fans think he will be.

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