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Thread: to tip or not to tip?

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    to tip or not to tip?

    Hey everybody -

    I'll be heading up to Montreal sometime soon and have been researching the scene here on MERB - thank you all for the valuable information.

    I have a question: Is it custom to tip the ladies? Or do we just pay the asking price and then be on our way?

    I only ask because in some countries/cultures the ladies expect to be tipped and in others they don't.

    Please advise and thanks again!

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    Tipping never hurts.

    No one will ever call you a cheap skate if you tip the customary tip. This is what I do. For SPs if the rate is $160 or $180 for the hour, I round it off to $200. For Massage salons that ask for extras like Thai for an $80 additional to the entry fee i do not tip at all. For the Private masseuse, I tip the customary $20 min. more if the service is exceptional.

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