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Thread: What happens to inactive accounts...retirement time?

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    What happens to inactive accounts...retirement time?

    Bonjour MERBites. Just a quick question about inactive accounts on MERB. Do they get purged after x number of inactive days or do they remain intact?

    I guess it's coming to a point in my life where I'm moving on and calling it quits from the hobby scene and try and get my life back in order. But hey, if that doesn't work out, I might be right back hobbying hence keeping my old MERB account.


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    Inactive accounts are not deleted or otherwise deactivated. If a member does wish to have his account removed they may contact Fred Zed and he will do so. When a handle is deleted, all the posts and threads started by that handle also are removed from MERB.

    If all you wish is to take an extended break from MERB, you do not have to worry about your handle being deleted. As long as you remember your password, you will be able to return to MERB at any point in the future.

    Mod 8

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    Merci Mod8. Just what I wanted to hear. I'll pop in once in a while but certainly not as often as I did... just too much temptation here to keep hobbying.


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