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Thread: To cop a feel or to feel a cop?

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    To cop a feel or to feel a cop?

    As reported in last nights NYPD 24/7 TV program (ABC at 10:00 PM. Tuesday) The girls that do massages with extras have a new method of rooting out the cops. The MPs in New York City upon meeting the client will drop to their knees and offer a complimentary 10 second BJ to the client before any other business is discussed with the client, This determines if the client is realy a member of law enforcement as they are not allowed to participate any illegal transactions.

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    If the MP drops to her knee and starts giving the guy on the table a BJ. Is it against the law?

    I mean, if I enter Tim Horton's and the old lady that cleans up the table gets on her knee and she gives me a "sample" BJ. Is that legal?

    And if the guy cum's in 10 seconds..Is it consider free? :-)

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    Well it did happen to me that an SP wanted to give me a blow job at the Harveys that was on St-Laurent and Ste-Catherine.
    Who the hell comes in 10 seconds anyways?
    To New York for a massage? Hey EGB, you will get to meet this Friday Maylee and she`s skilled. No BJ involved but tantric it is!

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    10 seconds or 2 seconds, its just a way for them to see if your a cop or not!

    They are trying to get you to pull your dick out so that they know your not a cop.
    If you are unfortunate enough to cum with a 10 second BJ, then you need to marinate your dick for a week in desensitizing cream before you go near a MP or an SP.

    To T. Montana,

    No, under american law it is nessesary to discuss a price and a service before it is considered prostitution, an offer for a free BJ wheather it be for 2 seconds or 10 minutes is not illegal.
    Should you ever be offered a BJ at tim Hortons by the cleaning lady it is not an illegal act if she does this in an enclosed place that is not in the view of the publicor other persons, however if you were to suspend yourself over the doughnut fryer over some sizzling doughnuts in full view to the public or any employees of Tim Hortons while you are recieving this free BJ not only would this be undignified but you would also be in violation public decency laws.
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    If you were a cop on duty with the vice squad, would you let an SP or Mp give you a 10 second or a 10 minute BJ whether it be free or not if you know that your fellow officers are listening to you? The cop obviosly hads to be wired up to collect evicence to be used in court to convict the MP or SP of a crime.

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    Cops do get wired up to catch least in the USA they do.

    Tune in tonight, on ABC at 10:00 PM to NYPD 24/7 This is a reality TV show where they follow around real cops on their rounds.
    On last weeks show they had wired up cops on the vice squad trying to trap MP/SPs.

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    <b>Re: J. Peterman</b>,
    Prostitution is not illegal per se. Sollicitation is. If the cashier asks me for a blow job for free, and I make a donations it's legal, but if she names the price and mention sex, it's illegal. Also a BJ by a minor is illegal, thus all this case going in Quebec city.
    Lastly, if i approach you with my girl and tell you how much it costs, I'm pimping, also illegal.
    Weird fucking laws.

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    Not okay to cop a feel..some misinformation here..

    Bruce34-sorry to tell you but you've misunderstood your own laws. The transaction you describe may be techincally illegal but not for the reasons you cite. A prostitute may discuss terms and conditions in a private venue or via a private means of communication with a potential customer. The operative word is PRIVATE and a business open to the public would not be a private venue. Likewise, current CDN law would prohibit dispensing of sex services at any place of business; that is even a private apartment established by the provider of said services.

    As for cops in massage parlors in the US. There is a no touching of the genitals in effect for any place of business such as this. I'm surprised that Eager didn't catch this one. Both the girls and the cops know this. The mere touching of the genitalia is a violation of law in most states and localities. Cops would be compromised by allowing the activity to occur. It is also not necessarily true that a specific price for sex has to be mentioned. Many statutes are written with the exchange for something of value.. There is also intent to solicit which is proved by an act in furtherance..i.e.--follow me to the alley or to the motel room and let's talk. It's not just the cops trying to get the John to suggest a price for an act as is depicted so many times on TV.

    Except for the state of Nevada, prostitution of any form is prohibited by state and local statute. There is no "American" law per say as prostitution is not regulated by federal law in the US.

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